Construction on school parking lot could confuse parents

Improvements coming to Landau Elementary in Cathedral City

Construction on school parking lot could confuse parents

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Some children in the valley will be going back to school this week. Landau Elementary School is going through some major renovations that will change how parents drop off and pick up their kids.

The parking lot for the school is under construction and can't be used.

Parents will need to use the parking lot for the Salvation Army, which is next to the school. A large gate has been installed next to the Salvation Army property to make things easier for parents to walk their children onto the campus.

"Parents are still welcome to come on campus, they may have a little bit different walk to get here with different access points, but they can still spend that first day of school with their kids," said Wendy Meka, principal of Landau Elementary School.

The school is also adding all-day kindergarten and will be adding three modular classrooms as well as new bathrooms.

The school has rented carts to transport special needs students from the Salvation Army parking lot to the school.

Construction will continue while school is in session. The district says the sound of the equipment won't be a major distraction.

Construction on the new parking lot is expected to be complete sometime in September.


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