Construction causes traffic delays on Monterey

PALM DESERT, Calif. - It's the growing pains of a growing city.   Construction near College of the Desert is causing traffic delays.  Monterey Ave will be down to one lane in each direction for the next month while crews work to widen the street.

 "I will be happy when it's over," said driver Lisa Olson.

Northbound lanes are closed from Fred Warning  to Gran Via.  Traffic is now being shifted to the southbound lanes, leaving only one lane in each direction for the next 30 days.

"Wow, it's a little bit horrible, it's going to be horrible because there is a lot of students and workers," said driver Alex Martinez.

"No, really? Oh my goodness, I thought they were almost done," said Irena Torian.

This is part of a bigger project to widen Fred Warning and Monterey.  The hope is that this will help congestion in the future. 

"They have to do it you know, it's going to be better later," said driver Jerome Diop.

It's that promise that things will be better that has most drivers not minding the extra wait. 

"It's not too bad, it's the summer time, it's not too many people here, it's a little bit slower but it's not bad," said driver Stephanie Panult.

"It looks like it is really going to be nice when it's finished.  I am watching it evolve and I will be so glad when this is over," said Olson.

"What can we do?  Hopefully it's going to end up looking beautiful," said Torian.

Better or not, many drivers we talked with will find another route. 

"I am taking that way when I go to work, so I guess I am going to another way," said Diop.

When drivers get done navigating these orange cones, there will still be construction.  The widening project isn't expected to be complete until September.

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