Community raises money for fallen firefighter's family

"I've never seen so many people come out for one person."

Community raises money for fallen firefighter's family

LA QUINTA, Calif. - "I've never...never seen so many people come out for one person," April Anderson said. 

Almost two months after Christopher Douglas was killed in the line of duty, friends and family continue to honor him and help his wife and children. 

"We've had three fundraisers, one in Temecula, back in August, this one, and then another fundraiser going on," Anderson said. 

On his way to an accident two months ago, Christopher stopped on the side of the freeway, got out of his vehicle, and was hit and killed. He left behind his son, Sammy, and his pregnant wife, Amy.  Hundreds of people showed up at the Applebee's in La Quinta for the Flapjack Fundraiser.

"I think it's amazing. It's a true testament of how the firefighter community feels about Chris and the local community as well. He served in the community for a long time," firefighter Brian Steiger said. 

This breakfast cost $10, and nine of the dollars went directly to the family. 

"There's a delay, I'm getting his benefits, there is a delay in receiving it. Until that goes into effect, we are basically living on these proceeds to pay for our mortgage. It is helping us in the meantime until the benefits kick in," Christopher's wife, Amy Douglas, said. 

As Amy looked around at the firefighters and their wives, friends, and strangers....

"It's very moving, touching. I can't believe the amount of support the community has shows us. It's a reflection of just how awesome my husband was," she said. "He was funny, gregarious, loving, gave it all for his job, family friends. He was perfect."

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