Community of Las Brisas in Indio baffled by storm.

Indio community flooded

INDIO, CALIF. - " Seriously its crazy."

Home owners in the Las Brisas community stand at their doorsteps admiring what is now lake front property. With only one gate operational getting home has become quite the challenge.

 David Dangleis borrowed a truck from his inlaw's just to make it home. " There was no way I could pass through. This is a regular passenger car, I would have been underwater myself."  Luckily he was able to make it through other cars have not been so lucky.

Roman Renteria says the community has drains and collection basins for the water but it quickly spilled over. " If you can look at the stop sign, it is pretty half way, it's ridiculous I don't even know how people are getting in and out from here."

 So far the homeowners we talked with say the water is staying outside their homes, but that could change with  more weather on the way.

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