Coachella Valley residents, visitors bundle up during cold snap

Visitors welcomed with cold snap

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It's the time of year people flock to desert to trade in snow for sunshine.

"Winnipeg is very cold right now. It's minus 25 degrees Celsius so you can understand why we're here," said Marian Campbell of Canada. "It's tropical compared to where we're from."

"I love Portland in the summer, but I love Palm Springs the rest of the year," said Barbara Sepenuk, of Portland, Ore.

However, some snowbirds didn't expect overnight temperatures of 30s and 20s in the Coachella Valley. During the day we spotted some visitors in shorts and sandals while others pulled out any and all layers to keep warm.

"I have a jacket and a scarf and mittens in my pocket just in case," said Sepenuk.

"I packed twice. Once with tank tops, shorts and capris," said Campbell. "Then I heard you had a cold snap, so I tossed those out and put in warmer clothes."

Whether you're out sipping on cappuccinos or suiting up in scarves and jackets, it's looking and feeling a lot like Christmas.

"I love it here. I enjoy it," said Nori Ruhnau from Temecula.

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