Coachella Valley faces unhealthy air

Coachella Valley faces unhealthy air

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - The Coachella Valley is facing unhealthy air this week.

The hazy view made for a tough day of outdoor activities in the Valley. Caroline Degraeve and Noe Maldonado hike every day. But, hiking Tuesday turned out to be a little different. 

"A lot hotter and the air feels... I don't know if it's heavier or if it's pollution it just triggers your allergies or it's a little bit difficult to breathe," said Maldonado.

Degreave had similar observations.

"I noticed that the air was a little hazy and there was a little bit of a gray somewhat yellow haze over the mountains and looking down at the desert from above it was a little bit covered," added Degraeve.

The reason is because today the air quality ranged from moderate to unhealthful for sensitive groups. Meaning, active children or adults and people with respiratory disease should limit their time outside. 

According to both hikers, the haze was quite noticeable. 

The Coachella Valley air tends to stay fairly clean. When this is not the case, it's typically ozone that develops in the LA Basin and is pushed through the San Gorgonio Pass and into the Valley by the wind. 

Ed DeBaggis was at Vista Point Tuesday trying to enjoy the view.

"Usually the mountains would seem a little more blue and brownish, but they're just grayish," he said.

Because of the mountains and our geography, Southern California gets some of the most unhealthy air in the nation. But, it is still significantly cleaner than it was 70 years ago. 

If you do need to do strenuous outdoor activities in poor air quality, experts suggest you do them in the early morning hours. 

You can check the air quality in your area by clicking here

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