Climbing routes closed for nesting raptors

Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent Mark Butler signed a Temporary Emergency Closure to protect nearby nesting raptors.

The climbing routes affected by this closure include: Slatanic Area, Rattlesnake Buttress, Margaret Thatcher Spire, The Stepping Stones, The Bulkhead, The Dunce Cap and Commissioner's Buttress, Butler said in a release.

All of these climbing routes are located in the Indian Cove area of the park. Day hiking in Rattlesnake Canyon is not restricted at this time, according to Butler.

Officials said the nesting pair appears to have finished constructing a nest, and this area will remain closed until the nest has been abandoned to ensure the protection of the species for the duration of the nesting activities.

The park doesn't anticipate the closure will last beyond June 15, 2014.

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