Cleanup and flood response crews busy in the valley

Cleanup and flood response crews busy in the valley

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Western Pacific Roofing has served the Coachella Valley for 75 years. When we get hits like this from Mother Nature, what comes next is second nature for service coordinator Linda Johnson. 

"When it rains we are just way more busy," Johnson said. 

Sunday's storm drenched parts of the desert, and not all homes and yards came out on top. 

"It looked like a pool, pretty well covered," Edward Benrock said. 

Benrock lives on San Clemente in north Palm Springs. His garage door got hit so hard, it got stuck. 

"You can't get your car out, and that is frustrating," he said. 

"When it rains like this we all buckle down together and sometimes send out two or three. Everyone is usually in panic mode," Johnson said. 

Over in Cathedral City, Janet Carr - in cleanup mode.   

This large branch pummeled down, luckily missing cars.

"Trying to move the branches and not get swept up in the water was the worst of it," Carr said. 

While Benrock deals with his problem now, some other people with homes in the valley don't even know they have problems yet.

"When the snowbirds are not here like right now all the snowbirds are gone, when they return about October, November, we are going to get a plethora of leak calls. It'll be like it rained all over again,' Johnson said. 

 Western Pacific said sometimes water takes days even weeks to leak down and cause visible damage. 

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