Changes in store for SunLine Transit routes, schedules

Route for Line 14 at Palm Springs Mall tailored to accomodate school students

Several big changes are coming at the beginning of the year for those who use the SunLine Transit Agency to commute around the Valley. Route changes and scheduling changes will be made on January, 5, 2014, according to officials with the agency.

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Some of the big changes include a new route (Line 54) for those traveling from the Valley's east end at Indio to Palm Desert. Officials said the new route will make it easier for people to make it to work and school.

Also, major lines 14 and 30 will have improved service with 20-minute weekday frequency. The route for Line 24 at Palm Springs Mall and schedule changes and extra buses will be added to accommodate school students, officials said.

Line 32 will also see improved frequency of service on the weekends and Line 53 at Palm Desert will be significantly revised to cover more of the City, with increased weekday frequency and reduced hours of service each day.

Officials with SunLine said only minor changes are coming to Line 111 that runs from Palm Springs to Indio.

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