CBS stars love Palm Springs

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - We love the desert and everyone else feels the same way, right?

"I love Palm Springs, I'm from Los Angeles originally. I've been going there my whole life," actor Nelson Franklin of The Millers said. 

Right. The stars of "We Are Men" and "The Millers" excitedly made their way down the red carpet to our spot - big fans of our Coachella Valley. 

"My mother lives in Palm Springs," Franklin said. 

"You ever been to Palm Springs?" we asked The Millers' Margo Martindale. "Yes, once," she said. "Sat outside in the sprinklers."

"I love seeing the wind turbines, those are really cool," We Are Men's J.B. Smoove said. 

We talked favorites spots.

"Integratron. A white spinning building in the middle of the desert. Perfect harmonic balance in there ... and The Ace," Franklin said. 

Of course we talked golf, too.

"I can barely do mini golf so once I master that I feel like I can move on to real golf," Kal Penn from We Are Men said. 

A fun night with the stars and making them eager to visit the valley.  

"Doing this interview, I'm kind of exited, how about a road trip to Palm Springs?" We Are Men's Jerry O'Connell said. 

We vote yes. 

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