Cathedral City Mayor Kathy DeRosa sworn in

Three councilmembers supported DeRosa's challenger in contentious campaign

Cathedral City swears in Mayor and Council Members

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Sworn in as mayor of Cathedral City on Wednesday, a position she has held since 2004, Kathy DeRosa wants to put the election behind her.

"Campaigning is over, time to move forward.  We'll continue getting along and doing business in a positive and productive manner," said DeRosa.

But it hasn't always been so positive and productive.  Three of DeRosa's council colleagues supported her opponent Chip Yarborough who called off a recount  late last week after it became clear he wasn't going to make up the slim 13 vote gap that seperated the two.

Mayor Pro-Tem Chuck Vasquez  was one of the council members who was hoping to see new leadership for the city.

"We're supposed to be a council of five and to have one member out there kind of doing their own program doesn't work for the city.  It's counterproductive," said Vasquez.

Nonetheless, Vasquez believes the mayor will now step in line to avoid any further council discord.

"This is her time now to have a renewed sense of commitment to the city and understand that there was a lot of opposition to the way she's done business in the past, and hopefully we'll see some positive changes," said Vasquez.

Councilman Greg Pettis, who was also re-elected, and the newest member of the council Stan Henry were also sworn-in before the scheduled council meeting.  Henry, a former Cathedral City police chief acknowledges he's new to politics, but would like to think,  the council will put the betterment of the city ahead of any personal animosity.

"I think they'll bury the hatchet," said Henry.  "We're all adults, that was politics, the politics is now over, time to move the city forward."


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