Cathedral City 'bomb home' cleanup underway

Cathedral City 'bomb home' cleanup underway

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Last month's fire operation is burned into the memory of people living at the Sungate mobile home park community.

"I honestly thought my house was going up with the rest of it," said Ivan Jenkins who lives next door to where the explosives-filled home stood.

He was shocked to return the next day and see it survive seemingly untouched by the nearby flames.  But as for the charred debris just feet from his door.

"I thought if I ever want to sell this place or lease it, I have no chance. Not the mess that they left behind," Jenkins said.

Neighbors say the burned site was left untouched for two weeks after the fire.

"The dumpster was here last week and they were finally working on it this week," said Denver Stapleton, who lives two doors down from the home.

The Cathedral City Fire Department tells us it was responsible for the burn, but not cleaning it up. 

"An outside contractor has been hired to take care of the cleanup," said Battalion Chief Eric Hauser.
And it's up to the owner to pay for clearing the remains.

"He's pretty well lost. He's lost his unit, he's lost his full time renter," Stapleton said.
Cleanup efforts are expected to be complete by the end of the weekend, but neighbors feel there's still a lot to do in a short time.

"I think everyone was pretty upset and they now just want it cleaned up and behind them and done," Stapleton said.

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