Car smashes into store in Palm Desert


A car smashed into the Postal Annex+ store near Stater Bros at Washington Street and Varner Road. According to reports, a couple drove their car through the storefront at around 9:45 this morning. 

California Highway Patrol says the driver of the Mercedes mistakenly pushed his gas pedal instead of the brake, causing the car to crash into the store. 

The male driver of the car sustained minor cuts and was transported to an area hospital.  There was a female passenger, but she suffered no injuries. 

There were two people working in the store at the time of the accident, both were unharmed. 

The store will be closed for a couple of weeks, the owner says, until they can get the front glass and doors replaced.  The owners state that anyone who has a PO Box at this location will still be able to access their mailboxes, probably using a back entrance.  Store officials are still working out those details, but don't want any of their customers to not receive their mail.

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