Candlelight vigil held for Terry Smith Jr. in Menifee

MENIFEE, Cali. -   An absolute outpouring from the community of Menifee on Wednesday as the town is turned out for Terry Smith Jr. Over 1000 people volunteered to help look for the boy and even more showed up to pay their respects as Menifee begins to grieve.

      A wave of shock and sadness swept through Menifee wednesday as hopes of finding eleven year old terry smith alive disappeared, when it was announced that remains resembling the boy had been found.

     Menifee resident Jeremy Hayden told us, "Everyone was thinking we're going to find him and that totally just changed it, disappointed everybody, terrible."

     For some, grief turned to anger as news spread about the discovery.

     Victor Guerrero and his family spent much of the last several days looking for Terry. He tells us "i'm more angry then I am upset and I'm sure that I'll probably be more sad as the days go by. Just right now I'm too angry over what's happened."

     Many who showed up to pay their respects never even knew terry. People of all ages brought flowers and candles, and prayers were recited as balloons were releases by a community that came together for Terry, also known as "Ju Ju." 

     One volunteer spoke as the vigil began, saying he had never seen the community of Menifee turn out like it did, and now with the hope and love shown for Terry, the community can continue on.

     Menifee now looks to heal from several extremely difficult days but will always remember how Terry Dewayne Smith Jr. brought them all together. 

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