Burn Ban ends along with fire hazard closure areas

Riverside County ends dry season restrictions on open fires and outdoor recreation areas

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - A ban on open burning officially ends today, while locations closed to non-residents during fire season will once again be accessible.

Riverside County fire Chief John Hawkins last week decided to implement the changes with the onset of cooler, wetter weather.

Open burning privileges will be restored in unincorporated county areas, though permits will be still be required, according to the fire department.

In mid-August, with mounting concerns about hot and dry conditions, Hawkins prohibited outdoor burning with the exception of campfires in designated places and vegetation eradication for some agricultural operations.

Fire department officials said open burning permits will still need to be obtained from local fire stations.

Also effective today, there are no more prohibitions on recreational activity in the following seven locations:

-- Whitewater Canyon in Cabazon.
-- Indian Canyon and North Mountain in San Jacinto;
-- Avery Canyon, along Gibbel Road, east of State Street in southeast Hemet;
-- Ramona Bowl and Bautista Canyon in southeast Hemet;
-- Minto Way in Sage, north of Aguanga;
-- Nuevo, east of Menifee Road and San Jacinto Avenue;
-- Reinhardt Canyon, north of state Route 74 and California Avenue in Hemet; and

Hawkins ordered the sites closed, except to residents, on May 15 for the duration of fire season, which generally spans May-November.

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