Bright, bold, beautiful: Modernism souvenirs now available

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Forty thousand people from all over the world come to Palm Springs for Modernism Week in February.     

"When you came here you could buy a $5000 couch or a beautiful table, but there wasn't a nice mug or t-shirt you could go home with," Jeffrey Bernstein, president of Chelsea Lane Bodywear and Destination PSP, said. 

Now they can bring a taste of Modernism back with them. 

"There's a big renaissance going on in Palm Springs with Modernism and we wanted to reflect that as well," Mark Esposito of Destination PSP said. 

Jeffrey Bernstein and Mark Esposito created of Destination PSP. Now, they've created collectibles for modernism lovers.

"Modernism week which is the biggest Modernism week in the world, until recently they didn't have a lot of modernism inspired collectibles. This year we introduced T-shirts, mugs," Bernstein said. 

That's only the beginning. People seem to give a nod to mod year round - even now, months before Modernism Week.  

"People who even don't come during Modernism Week love the modernism style in Palm Springs and throughout the year you'll see people who fall in love with it," Bernstein said. 

You can find these products every Thursday night at Village Fest in downtown Palm Springs, in three Palm Springs hotels - The Saguaro, the Renaissance, and the Riviera - The Palm Springs Visitor's Center, and Raymond Lawrence.

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