Bono Mack takes senior VP job with DC firm

Former congresswoman leaving Coachella Valley for consulting job with Faegre BD

A sit down with Mary Bono Mack

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Former congresswoman Mary Bono Mack is enjoying this week at her home in Palm Springs.  She knows she'll soon be leaving a lot of memories at the home.

She has put the property on the market, and is now living full time in Washington, D.C. after accepting a job as a senior vice president with Faegre BD, a Washington, D.C. based consulting firm.     

Bono Mack will specialize in consulting for the firm and its clients on issues in Washington involving entertainment, energy, health and technology.

"It's kind of a nice change where I get to pick and choose the certain subset of issues that I get to work on, where the congressional portfolio is everything from school lunch programs to landing the Rover on Mars and everything in between," said Bono Mack.

For Bono Mack, part of the allure of the new job is it gives her the freedom to pursue other interests.  She hopes to continue to find the time to remain a regular contributor on CNN and she's currently writing a book.

"It sort of winds through politics and life and inspiration and what to do and what not to do," said Bono Mack.  I am sure there will be a couple of funny stories, I love humor and love to find irony in life."

Author, consultant, they're new titles for Bono Mack, and while she has no desire to run for office again, she wants to help her party recapture its political footing.

"I plan to be a part of hopefully the refocusing of the Republican Party. I hope to be a voice for them, because I think it's sadly needed," said Bono Mack.

Bono Mack is no doubt excited about the next chapter in her life.  Still, after living in Palm Springs for 27 years, the Coachella Valley is a part of her DNA.  In other words, she plans to visit as much as she can, especially the time of year when the Palm Springs International Film Festival is held.  Her late husband Sonny Bono founded the event.

"I have a long-standing date every early January to be here and I wouldn't miss it for the world," said Bono Mack.  "I missed it in years past because of congressional votes, but short of that, I can't imagine not being here for the film festival."

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