BNP Paribas Open not affected by Anza earthquake

Indian Wells Tennis Garden inspected for structural damage

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - Tennis matches at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells began on time Monday morning, despite the 4.7 magnitude earthquake, centered two miles east-southeast of Anza.

Officials at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden said play started as scheduled at 11 a.m, after they determined the facility suffered no structural damage due to the quake.

At the same time, out-of-town tennis fans didn't know what to think when the ground began moving just before 10 a.m.

"We were in the car and we're at a stop light and all of sudden the car starts rocking," said Patrice Bertheau who traveled from Chicago with three of her girlfriends to enjoy the tennis.  "I said why is that car rumbling?  Why is it moving?  We thought maybe there was semitrailers going by us, but that was not the case."

Tournament Director, Steve Simon, who gave the all-clear for play to stay on schedule, said he could understand why the ladies were a little startled. 

"It was a nice shaker, something the valley is not used to anyway.  It definitely shook, I am sure it made some people uneasy in the area, it always scares people," said Simon.

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