Bitter cold grips Coachella Valley and much of California

Hiker rescued after surviving 26 hours in frigid Angeles National Forest

LOS ANGELES - - Winds up to 50 mph are adding to California's big chill misery, as farmers struggle to save citrus crops in sub-freezing temperatures and residents bundle up in record cold.
Downtown Los Angeles dipped to a record 35 degrees just before 4 a.m. Monday.
Elsewhere, it was 9 degrees in high desert Lancaster, 25 degrees in Fresno, and 36 degrees in Palm Springs.
In Angeles National Forest, where overnight temperatures have been dropping into the 20s, Arcadia hiker Danny Kim was found Sunday night after surviving 26 hours in the frigid West Fork wilderness. The 28-year-old hiker was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of hypothermia.
Santa Ana winds are raking areas in Ventura County.
In the San Joaquin Valley, farmers have cranked up wind machines to save clementine mandarins, navel and Valencia oranges and lemons as temperatures dip to below freezing.

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