Big crowds celebrate Labor Day weekend in the desert

PAM SPRINGS, Calif. - If you think the fickle weather stopped people from taking on the desert for the holiday weekend, take a look at the line outside Cheeky's. It's a tourist hotspot, and a pretty good visitor litmus test.  

"We've already waited on over 200 people, and theres a huge line outside," Geneviede Melzer, Cheeky's head server, said. 

Crowds ran deep in downtown Palm Springs on Sunday for the holiday weekend. For those on the valley floor, it was a weekend sprinkled with more flash flood warnings than rain. 

"We saw just as many people even though it's humid. We had almost 400 people yesterday," Melzer said. 

The desert welcomed visitors with some very hot weather, but it's nothing that a little downtown Palm Springs can't fix.

"Sales up to 50 % off, five and ten dollar jewelry. That runs all weekend, Friday through Monday," Julissa Perez, the Déjà Vu Vintage store manager, said. "A lot of people like to just come and relax, it's more of a getaway. Try new food, shop."

Hot or not, people tell us it's worth it. 

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