Big change on the way for Palm Springs Walk Of Stars

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The celebrity stars that grace the streets of downtown Palm Springs are prime real estate, but about 50 of them are about to make a big move.

"They will be replaced. That was always a part of the program," Palm Springs city manager David Ready said. 

As the Desert Fashion Plaza gets built, a new outer sidewalk will come with it -- meaning the current stars there will get moved or destroyed. Among the celebrities lining that part of the street -- Bob and Dolores hope.  

"We're trying to salvage as many stars as we can. Because of the way they're placed on the concrete, we may not be able to save all of them," Ready said.

Palm Springs city manager David Ready tells us so far about 20 of the 49 stars were saved. Who pays for the stars that cannot get saved and must get remade?

"It's all part of the larger $45 million city infrastructure and land acquisition project from Measure 'J'," Ready said. 

Recall Measure 'J' is the voter approved tax increase for the city of Palm Springs. It costs $10,000 to get your very own star on the Walk of Stars, but, Palm Springs tax payers, it won't cost you that much for each star that gets replaced. 

"They're about a $2000 cost the ones that can't be salvaged. The ones we will be able to save, it'll be significantly less than that," Ready said. 

Exactly where they're new home will be, Walk of Stars president Robert Alexander doesn't know yet.

"I will meet with the city, star recipients family or relatives or sponsor to see if they have suggestions or preferences on where they will be relocated," Alexander said. 

One thing's for sure, though, the stars may have a new location on the street, but their famous Palm Springs zip code won't change.  

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