Bahama Hotel wants tenants to vacate property so it can renovate

The Bahama apartments in North Palm Springs residents not leaving just yet.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "To put someone out on the street, especially out in the desert, it's hard. It's not fair," said Lisa Trujillo, who made the Bahama Hotel apartments her home more than three years ago. 

At $400 a month for a studio she says it's the only place she can afford. But the property owner wants all the tenants out in effort to clean up some of the serious problems there, and avoid going to court with the city.

"Once we've gotten the tenants to vacate and the property is empty, the owner is contemplating some renovation which will upgrade the quality and hopefully attract a better quality of tenant," said Simon Houseman, the property owner's attorney.

But the 60-day eviction notice expired July 31, and Houseman says half the tenants are still there. The owner is now trying to buy the rest of the tenants out of their units.

"An offer to exchange cash for keys to settle amiably with the tenants to help them relocate," Houseman said.

"They were saying they would give you enough for an apartment," Trujillo said. "They were giving $600 or $500, but that's not enough for an apartment."

Trujillo adds that the tenants causing the problems are now gone. She says people like her, who pay their rent on time and stay out of trouble, should be able to stay in their homes.

"You're going to put me out in August? The hottest month of the year?" she said.

But the property owner says a remodel can't begin until everyone is out. And despite a few recent upgrades, security cameras, a fence, and security patrol, there's a long way to go to make conditions livable.

"The cockroaches, that's been bad, and then we've got the bed bug thing here too," Trujillo said.

The safety of the property here at night also remains a concern. The property owner says that won't be the case for long.

"Would you feel safe here at night?" we asked Houseman.

"At this particular complex, not especially. But given the right circumstances in a few months when we're done with our changes yes, I would," he responded.

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