Baby watch: Living Desert keeping an eye on female giraffe

Palm Desert, Calif. - There may be a new addition to the Living Desert family soon.  Officials at the Living Desert in Palm Desert says that all signs are pointing to the increasing probability that their female giraffe, Dadisi, is pregnant!

"We're thrilled about the possibility that Dadisi might be pregnant, and we're watching her very closely as the days and weeks go by," says Allen Monroe, President/CEO, The Living Desert. "We're taking the old fashioned approach, and we invite everyone to come out and meet Dadisi, and her mate, Hesabu, and join our excitement as we watch and wait."

Hesabu has fathered four calves with Dadisi - Mutombo (2006), Maliki (2008), Majani (2010), and Niara (2011) - all healthy giraffes who have since been transferred to other facilities.

Based on the timing of Hesabu and Dadisi's last encounter, approximately 14 months ago, and the weight that Dadisi is gaining in all the right places, zoo officials are hopeful that she is indeed carrying.  The park's African Wildlife Keepers are continuing to keep a close eye on Dadisi and logging daily observations.

As the watching and waiting continues, The Living Desert will continue to keep the public informed on the latest with Dadisi. 

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