Attorney Gloria Allred: Dianna Bedwell is a "hero"

Attorney Gloria Allred: Dianna Bedwell is a "hero"

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - "I'm going to allow her to tell her story when she's ready and at the appropriate time. And she will. She wants to have everyone know what happened," said Gloria Allred, hinting that her client, Dianna Bedwell, has a story to tell.

Bedwell is recovering at an undisclosed rehab facility in Palm Springs after being rescued two weeks ago from a remote area in northern San Diego County.

Allred appeared on News Channel 3 live at 6 Tuesday evening, saying Bedwell is making progress, but still grieving the loss of her husband, Cecil Knutson, who was found dead at the site where they were rescued. 

"It's been an ordeal for her and her husband, may he rest in peace," Allred said.

Allred remained elusive on the details of the couple's ordeal, but said she was drawn to the story as soon as Bedwell called her.

"She knows I represent victims and she is a victim, but I found as a result of my visit with her today she's also a hero," Allred said.

Allred added that Bedwell wants the public to know the couple was happily married for 27 years.

"Her husband was also a hero, not only because he was a Marine but because he was also a hero in this situation. I have great respect and admiration for both of them and I'm honored she reached out to me," Allred said.

Allred hinted she has a lot to investigate in Bedwell's case.

In the meantime, Bedwell's family is focused on planning her husband's funeral and getting her emotionally and physically ready to share her story with the world.
"Often we don't hear about the heroism of older women," Allred said. "Oder women are very invisible in our culture and in the media and I know once the public hears her story they're going to recognize the hero she is and they will admire her the way I do."

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