ATM Skimmer Discovered At Rancho Mirage Bank

Sheriff's Investigators Arrest Two Men

Card skimming device in Rancho Mirage

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Two men are facing charges that include theft of credit information and identity theft, after their arrest outside a Rancho Mirage bank over the weekend.

Timothy Vaughn, 43, of Cerritos and Jonathan Aguilar, 32, of Hesperia were arrested by sheriff's investigators Sunday afternoon as they were allegedly retrieving an ATM skimming device at the Chase bank branch on the corner of Bob Hope and Gerald Ford.
Sheriff's investigators say the device had a magnetic strip sensor to retrieve account numbers as well as a camera to record a customer PIN.

"Well it's scary for it to actually be at your bank," said Gina Kriesel, a Chase Bank customer.  "You kinda of expect that more from like grocery store ATMS as opposed to an actual bank."

According to the sheriff's department, since the suspects were arrested in possession of the skimmer, they don't believe any account information got into the wrong hands.

Still, if you're a Chase bank customer and notice suspicious account activity, you should contact the bank immediately.

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