As season ends, valley businesses prepare for summer

As season ends, valley businesses prepare for summer

PALM DESERT, Calif. - As Stagecoach and the White Party wrap up, so does another bustling business season in the valley.

"We're trying to gauge when people are going to pick up and leave and we know it's going to happen soon," said Jennifer Douheret, owner of Clementine Gourmet Marketplace and Cafe in Palm Desert.

Clementine is chockfull of guests during season, but will soon reduce its hours before shutting down for part of the summer.

"For the last four years we have closed in August and this year we're not too happy about it but we're going to close for July and August.

Douheret says it's necessary to save on operating costs before starting fresh in September.

"We have a big space now, it's 5,000 square feet and when you turn on the air conditioning and crank it up, and get the staff in here to man the place you're already behind," she said.

But while some businesses slow down dramatically, others say there's been an influx in year-round residents and visitors, keeping business afloat in those hot summer months.

"It's a little bit slower but we have a lot of local clientele so we're not as affected as other places," said Amanda Hannah, bartender at NYPD Pizza in Palm Springs.

"The heat is the heat, we learn to live with it and there are a lot more people here year-round than just for the season," said Patrick Harrington, a resident of downtown Palm Springs.

As the valley continues to expand, Douheret hopes in the future she can keep Clementine open year-round as well.

"I see a lot more people, especially families, in town over the summer and that would be amazing if we could be open longer for everybody," she said.

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