Artist speaks out about Palm Springs mural controversy

Artist speaks out about Palm Springs mural controversy

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The mural of two women in war paint holding a snake on the outer wall of Bar on North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs shook up a lot of people: the city since there's no policy in place regarding murals, also some people calling it sexist.  

One of the artists is a woman though, which is surprising some people.

"It isn't sexist. I think once you realize it is a woman who painted it, that becomes a little clearer," Angelina Christina said.

After realizing it might want a policy for murals, the city created a proposal for one.  

"If I want to paint a mural, I take it to planning and they say it's a sign. If it's a sign it falls under them. If they say it's not a sign it's art, it comes to Public Arts. Then Public Arts will review it, approve or disapprove and if they approve they move it onto city council," Angela Valente Romeo from Palm Springs Public Arts said.

"Art only brings beauty and connection and community, so I don't think it can do anything bad, especially if they oversee it," Christina said.

Especially art with a message.

"A message of just strength and beauty combined. We want our work to be aesthetically pleasing but also convey strength and empowerment," she said.

Even if people misread that message. 

"Just because a woman is portrayed as sexy and beautiful it shouldn't mean she isn't intelligent and brilliant and all these other things," she added.

The city council will vote on whether or not to start allowing murals in Palm Springs on May 7th.   

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