America's Next Top Model holds casting call in Palm Springs

12-15-13 Americas Next Top Model Local Contestant Moves on to Next Round

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It's the dream of countless young men and women: hearing Tyra Banks say "You, are America's Next Top Model" 

"It's a great stepping stone to do bigger things," said Lauren Bishop, who traveled to the audition from Colorado.

"America's Next Top Model really gives you the opportunity to really expand," said Terrell Tatum, a Palm Springs resident who was once signed with a modeling agency.

Aspiring models from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes got a chance to audition for the 21st cycle of CW's hit show, right here in Palm Springs.  The judging consisted of a catwalk and a round of questions to get a taste of their personality.  

"The great thing about Top Model is it really can be anyone. Whether they're athletic, whether they think they're plain Janes.  They've had a variety of winners and everyone's had their unique qualities," said Corina Pichardo, one of the casting call organizers. 

One lucky person will get an interview with the official casting director of the show. We asked hopefuls why the chance to be Tyra's next fresh face meant so much to them.  

"The clothes they put on, the freedom, the expression," said Priscilla Ramirez, who traveled to the audition from Stockton, Calif. 

"It's never the same routine it's always something new," Tatum said.

"It sounds cheesy but I want to put myself in a position to help people, young women," Bishop said.

And for the second year in a row the competition is open to men.  

"It could be a girl it, could be a guy. This last year was the first year they had males in the competition and a girl still took the crown, so we'll see this year," Pichardo said. 

Judges picked Jessica Rice from Palm Springs to get a one-on-one interview with the show's casting director. Congratulations!

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