All female sports program coming to CBS Sports Network


"Oh yes i would definitely watch it."

"Absolutely i would love to watch this show."

A sports show, not even on the air yet, already has approval from the College of the Desert woman's volleyball team.

Little is known about the program, sources won't confirm any names connected to it.

But one thing is for sure, it's a major boost for woman in professional sports, and broadcasting.

"I think this is going to be a very big step in closing the divide between women and men's sports. It's really gonna give women an opportunity to shine," says Marion Champion, head coach of the College of the Desert volleyball team.

The weekly program, which will air on CBS Sports Network beginning in September will not only feature an all-female cast, but will also be produced and directed by women, targeting a female demographic..

"It's awesome that women get to show their power and they get to be role models for younger athletes cause usually when you watch any sports it's always men all the time," says Kristen Lauer, a freshman at College of the Desert.

Think of a mix between 'The View' and 'Pardon the Interruption,' officials say unlike other networks, this show will include personalities from all major networks, as well as current and former athletes and team executives.

"I think it's so awesome especially for young girls that really look up to they really want a role model," says sophomore Kayla Safarik, "and it's just nice to turn on the TV and see a role model right there."

The best part, it gives women in sports, a platform to shine.

Champion says, "It's gonna  pave the way for women's athletics to really transcend and become more competitive and that will just feed upon itself and people will want to watch it because it's more competitive."

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