A psychics vision in unsolved crimes

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Police say a woman who claims to be a psychic led them to the Terry Smith's body. She called a tip-line about her vision and police asked her to join the search.

Pam Ragland, an Orange County psychic, describes herself as "an intuitive."  Local psychic, Johanne Verville, who has more than 25 years of experience says she knows what Ragland was going through and how a vision can help in unsolved cases.

"What you see, it's like a movie, if you come and have a photo and you say this young boy has disappeared and you say what's happened here? You can get in the 6th mode and say, 'He's not far.' They don't need to go that far, he's very close to home and you can help in that situation," said Verville.

Local police say they haven't worked with a psychic or medium directly, but told us they would use information from a psychic like any other tip.

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