A new dating deal breaker

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Tall, dark, and handsome - that's what women used to look for in the "perfect man." That may still be true - but, he needs something more.

According to a survey by freecreditscore.com, 20% of men and 30% of women won't marry someone with a poor credit score. We ask people here in the Coachella Valley if that's something they need to know.

"Yeah. I think definitely," Katie Wallace said. 

"Not interested. Really don't care about it," Anna Ramirez said. 

"The man isn't looking for a woman with money, it's the other way around," Adam Page said. 

The survey shows most women put financial responsibility as more or just as important as career ambition and physical attraction.  

"I didn't think it was important at first but being together and actually having to handle finances together it's important," Wallace said. 

"I kind of check that out on a date. If your order lobster and champagne that's a negative. If they order the same thing as you, they're thinking about the money situation," Page said. 

Financial analyst Andy Hansen says credit scores, which should be in the mid-600s or higher, show responsibility. Plus, some employer's even look at credit reports now. You don't just marry someone's family anymore, you also marry their credit score.

"If you are purchasing a home, you may need both of your incomes to qualify, so both of those would come into consideration," Hansen said. 

As you can see, people differ in how important they think finances are early on in a relationship. However, most people agree at some point, you have to have the money talk.

"When things start getting serious and you start talking about a future. That's when it gets important," Ramirez said. 

"A lot of problems in marriages are related to finances and money. If you have those discussions early on, it'll help reduce and eliminate those problems down the road," Hansen said.

You can take a financial compatibility test with your partner at Hansen-financial.com 

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