A Grammy moment for the equality movement

Palm Springs, Calif. - Thirty-three couples, some straight, some gay, all wedded in front of a world wide audience in the tens of millions on the Grammy's.

The message of acceptance and equality from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit song "Same Love" was brought to a powerful visual expression of it on music's biggest night.

"I've now watched it five times," Equality California's George Zander says, "And I tear up every time."

Zander, the Palm Springs Field Manager for Equality California, has been working for marriage equality for years. He says the non-political message of acceptance that the movement has promoted in the last five years, is echoed in the hit song and the Grammy wedding ceremony.

"The song and the message of last night was our message that has now worked," Zander said. "That this is about love and commitment, marching forward to be normal. Just like everybody else."

After Queen Latifah married the couples, Madonna came out to serenade the Newlyweds.

"The music, the message. It was just fabulous," said Michele Silberstein, a visitor to the desert from Nebraska. "It was the best thing ever!"

Many in the star studded crowd seemed to agree. The emotion shown in the tears of some in attendance at Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

"It awakened a lot of people. I mean, there were a lot of tears in that crowd," said Bill Buxton, of Palm Springs. "A lot of them. Including my wife on the couch."

While not everyone we approached Monday afternoon on Palm Canyon Drive saw or embraced the performance and the song's message - and not every state embraces gay marriage - the stage for these unions was about as big as they come.

"It was a triumphal day," Zander said, "That more people watched than most other events that could have possible occurred."

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