A déjà vu in the desert

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - As people step outside into a familiar haze, they have the same reaction. 

"Another fire, more ash, more smoke, more discomfort for the local people," Patricia Hurley said. 

Just a couple weeks ago, the Mountain Fire painted a smokey scene for the valley floor to look up at, and now --  quite the deja vu in the desert.  

"Here we go again. Here we go again," Bryan Gallyot said. 

There is one major difference so far, though.

"It's closer. The smoke is denser. The ash is falling much quicker," Gallyot said. 

The smoke and ash quieted the streets of downtown Palms Springs - and it's businesses.

"I had a party of 17 booked at 8:00. He just called and said he has to cancel," Gallyot said. 

Not knowing how long the smoke will linger is a scary concept for business owners. 

"Considering 70% of my business is patio space, it has the potential to kill my business," Gallyot said. 

Not to mention how hard it is to breathe. 

"You choke, your nose burns, your eyes burn. You have people walking around covering their mouths. People go inside to get away from it. It's scary," Hurkey said. 

Overall, a feeling of frustration from people who thought, when the mountain fire reached full containment, this was all over.  

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