A Chance to Serve & Protect, Riverside Sheriff's Department Hiring

A Chance to Serve & Protect, Riverside Sheriff's Department Hiring

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Growing up, you probably thought about working in law enforcement, well now's your chance. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department wants to hire hundreds of people, including dispatchers.
"It's fast paced, high stress and I love it. It's the best career choice I've ever made," said Monica Gomez.

Gomez joined the sheriff's department as a dispatcher 15 years ago and every day she takes hundreds of emergency calls. Throughout the years, she's found her job helping people over the phone very rewarding.

"The rewarding part is that you can guide them in the right direction, and at least try to help them as much as you can at that point," Gomez said.
The Sheriff's department wants to fill several positions at its dispatch facility in Palm Desert. Its holding a job fair Saturday, May 3 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
"I would invite anybody to apply who has an interest in this, we're looking for individuals who have graduated high school or have their GED and are 18-years-old," said Randall Tackett, Correctional Deputy for the Riverside Sheriff's Department.
Applicants should also have the right mind set - and be prepared to be challenged. The hiring process can be a lengthy one, it can last up to 6 months. The Sheriff's department says a lot of times people who apply don't make it through their entire program.  

Qualified applicants will go through several orientations and tests before they're offered a job.
"You have to have a sense of calmness, and you've got to be quick on your toes, and you've got be willing to work together as a family... team work." Gomez added.

If you're not looking to be a dispatcher, the department also wants to hire accountants, office assistants, and other support personnel.   
The Sheriff's department also says with the new East county detention facility set to open in early 2017, it will need to fill 400 positions.
The Job Fair Saturday, May 3 will be held at the Sheriff's Dispatch Center located at 73520 Fred Waring in Palm Desert. Presentations will be begin at the top of each hour.

Interested applicants *must* pre-register at HRSheriffRecruiter@rc-hr.com or by calling 1 (888) JOIN-RSD.

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