5 arrests in alleged human trafficking ring in Ventura County

Chinese women forced into a life of prostitution

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - Five people are behind bars after an investigation into a multi-million dollar human trafficking ring. Authorities say the victims were chinese women who are in the U.S. on visas and forced into a life of prostitution. 

Investigators detail an elaborate network they say delivered  millions of dollars in wire transfers to China.  Women were forced to have sex with 20 to 30 men a day.

The probe started with cooperation of upscale motels in Ventura County. For six months detectives followed the money trail to a  secret headquarters in San Gabriel.

When police finally arrested the coordinator of the whole operation, they say she tried to jump from a third floor window to escape police. They say she broke her leg.  Ledgers, a bag full cell phones, that she used to communicate with the women and men for the sex acts, and a large amount of cash was found with her. 

Bail for the five alleged conspirators is set at $5 million dollars each.

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