4 homes flood due to rain storm in Valley

Many roadways flooded

Flooded Intersection in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, Calif. - A quick moving storm hit Palm Springs leaving behind damage and flooded roadways.

Just after 10:30 Wednesday morning a storm cell packing a punch moved over Palm Springs.  Several roadways near the downtown area flooded causing dangerous conditions for drivers.

Palm Springs Police Department confirms there have been several lightning strikes sparking palm tree fires in the city.  But no reports of damaged homes near the strikes.

In Desert Hot Springs 4 homes flooded on 3rd street.  Residents spent most of the morning bailing out water and putting up sandbags and the flooded roadways rushed into their homes. 

Other cities in the valley only saw a few showers, but so far no reports of any damage East of Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs. 

Stay with us on the air and online for the latest breaking news around the Coachella Valley as we continue to provide updates on the weather conditions.

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