32nd Annual La Quinta Arts Festival underway

32nd Annual La Quinta Arts Festival underway through Sunday

LA QUINTA, Calif. - In its 32 years, the La Quinta Arts Festival has grown to be a crowd favorite.

"We have wonderful crowds. The weather's beautiful, a perfect weekend for a festival," said festival Executive Director Christi Salamone.

"I love the festival. I come every year," said Susan Morris, of La Quinta.

Surrounded by the Coachella Valley's beautiful mountains, colorful displays of paintings, sculptures, glass, jewelry and gadgets take over the La Quinta Civic Center, with a splash of great food and music.

"Of any city we go to, this is the event that makes us feel relaxed. I'm happy," said Arlene Horch, of Chicago.

The festival draws in nearly 30,000 art lovers and more than 200 artists from around the world.

"We have 234 artists, from 36 states, Israel, Canada and Nicaragua this year," said Salamone.

Salamone said the influx of people is good for local businesses, where art from the festival is enjoyed beyond the event weekend.

"Stuft Pizza has every commemorative poster from the 32 years of the La Quinta Arts Festival. The wine bar has some of the local artists who participate as well."

"There's no better place to show this beautiful art in the country," said Salamone.

The festival runs through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Single tickets are $12. A weekend pass is $15. Proceeds benefit the La Quinta Arts Foundation.

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