10-year-old boy returns to soccer field after losing part of his leg

10-year-old boy returns to soccer field after losing part of his leg

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Ten-year-old Adrian Grajeda is back working on his ultimate goal: becoming a professional soccer player.

"I hope I can get better with my legs, so I can shoot better and get better at running," Adrian said.

You can hardly tell by looking at him, but it's been less than six months since Adrian lost part of his right leg. A car burst through a metal fence while he was playing soccer at recess in October of last year, and though he can't remember that frightening moment, the police report says he acted as a hero. 

"Three witnesses recall Adrian helped a girl, he pushed a girl out of the way of the car so the item struck him not the little girl," his mother, Brandy Grajeda, said.

A hero who defies all odds. After four surgeries and seven blood transfusions, an accident that nearly took his life now gives Adrian more purpose than ever.  

"He's inspiring and he's helping other people with challenges," Brandy said.

"if you just sit inside all day feeling bad for yourself, you won't get anything done," Adrian said.

And if getting back on the field wasn't enough of a challenge, now he must adapt to his prosthetic. The one Adrian currently has is only meant for walking.  

"I mean I can't really bend at the ankle, so I can't shoot with my right foot but it's cool because I can still walk," Adrian said.

His family hopes through donations they will be able to buy Adrian a prosthetic leg designed for running, and of course soccer.

In the meantime, Adrian takes his recovery one step - and kick - at a time. 

If you'd like to donate to Adrian's fundraiser, visit http://www.pdysl.com/ or http://adriangrajeda.webstarts.com/index.html.

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