• Carnival TV reporter groped in Cologne

    Cologne Carnival

    Volker Hartmann/Getty Images

    The city of Cologne, Germany, fell back into the spotlight of sexual assault this week, when its annual street Carnival kicked off.

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    By Merieme Arif and Ben Brumfield CNN
  • Sailing large: Life on board a mega-ship

    Ocean sea briny deep

    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    The first thing you notice about the Benjamin Franklin is just how big it is -- overwhelmingly big.

  • Zika virus won't ruin Brazil's Carnival

    Rio de Janeiro ready to celebrate Carnival

    Mario Tama/Getty Images

    The Zika virus isn't scaring away Brazil's Carnival revelers and the country's hotels are reporting higher bookings than last year. Over 1 million tourists are expected to come to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.

  • Airline's unusual problem: It doesn't know where its passengers are

    Airplane landing

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Travelers are all too familiar with the problem of airlines misplacing their luggage. But it's less common for carriers to lose track of large numbers of actual passengers.

  • Zika virus could slam these travel hotspots


    Sanofi Pasteur/ CNN

    Popular tourist hotspots in the Americas are poised for trouble as the Zika virus threatens to scare away visitors.

  • Airlines let staff opt out of flights to Zika areas

    United Delta combo

    Courtesy United Airlines via CNN, Gregg Canes/CNN

    Two major U.S. airlines say they are allowing staff members to opt out of flights to Latin America and the Caribbean amid escalating concerns over the spread of the Zika virus and its effects on unborn children.

    United said Wednesday that it was givin...

  • Pakistan's boundary-breaking motorcycle girl

    Zenith Irfan

    Zenith Irfan via CNN

    Zenith Irfan's father used to dream of leaving his home in Pakistan to travel around the world on a motorbike.

  • Thousands stranded in train station in China

    Thousands stranded at China railway station

    ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

    Being stuck for hours at a train station is unpleasant but even more so if you're trapped with tens of thousands of other passengers.

    Vast crowds of people trying to head home for Lunar New Year celebrations were stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station...

  • EasyJet unveils plan for 'hybrid' planes


    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    On Tuesday easyJet announced plans to trial the use of hydrogen fuel cells on their planes.

  • The newest airport amenity? Movie theaters

    Airport check-in kiosk


    In theory, airports and cinemas seem made for each other.

  • United to allow kids to board early once again

    United Airlines

    Aaron Cooper/CNN

    Families with young kids are once again getting to go to the front of the line at United Airlines.

  • American Airlines is bringing back this free perk...

    American Airlines

    From American Airlines

    A free perk is coming back to American Airlines.

  • Amtrak train struck by objects, agency says

    Side of Amtrak train

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Amtrak said Monday it's looking into what struck an Amtrak train traveling between Washington and New York over the weekend.

  • Qatar Airways may launch world's longest flight

    Qatar Airways jet

    By Konstantin von Wedelstaedt via Commons

    A whopping 18½-hour journey between Doha, Qatar, and Auckland, New Zealand, is poised to become the world's longest direct flight if Qatar Airways follows through with plans for the new route.

    Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker revealed plans for the ultra-long...

  • Boeing 737 MAX maiden flight a success

    Boeing 737 MAX performs well, pilot says

    Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

    "It flew beautifully. We worked through checks but there were no issues." That was the proclamation delivered today by Captain Ed Wilson upon the successful completion of the maiden flight of Boeing's 737 MAX in Seattle, taking the program a step clo...

  • Hurry up and renew your passport!

    Passport, travel

    Nearly 49 million passports are set to expire within the next three years, and government officials are warning there will be a flood of renewal requests through 2018.

  • Zika virus: Airlines are refunding tickets to Latin America

    British Airways

    Jonathan Schaer/CNN

    Airlines are starting to offer refunds to passengers who have booked flights to countries in central and south America caught up in the Zika virus outbreak.

  • Fly from New York to London in 11 minutes?

    Antipode jet

    Charles Bombardier/Imaginactive via CNN

    Remember the Skreemr, a concept for a supersonic plane that could travel at Mach 10?

    Scratch that, there's now a design for a plane that could cruise from London to New York in 11 minutes, traveling at Mach 24 -- that's 12 times faster than the Conco...

  • JetBlue's redesigned planes: More legroom, Wi-Fi


    JetBlue is redesigning its airplanes to be more spacious, modern and entertaining.

  • Bridge project could 'dry up' Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls at night

    John Normile/Getty Images

    Niagara Falls! Mighty cascade of water! Font of hydroelectricity, tourism, romance, wildlife!

    But waterfalls are no friend to bridges -- and that may require one of Niagara's fabled falls to be shut off for a time.

    A proposal to replace two 115-year-ol...

  • Iran wants to buy 500 planes and resume flights to U.S.

    Tehran tourism


    Iran will need hundreds of new aircraft as it rejoins global aviation networks, a move that could include direct flights to the U.S. for the first time in 36 years.

  • American Airlines turbulence sends 7 to hospital

    American jet in Canada

    CTV Network

    Severe turbulence aboard an American Airlines flight carrying 203 people to Italy left seven people hospitalized, the airline said.

    American Airlines said Flight 206 from Miami hit severe turbulence, but landed safely Sunday night in Newfoundland, Ca...

  • 300,000 drones registered in 30 days

    Drone camera flying

    Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

    The skies may soon be full of drones: Nearly 300,000 have been registered with the government since the FAA started requiring owners to sign up 30 days ago, the agency said Friday.

  • Former Alaska Airlines pilot accused of flying under the influence

    Alaska Airlines

    A former captain with Alaska Airlines has been arrested on charges of piloting a plane while under the influence of alcohol.

  • United buying 40 new 737-700s to upgrade fleet

    United Airlines

    From United Airlines

    Good news for United frequent fliers. The airline is buying 40 new Boeing 737-700 airplanes to replace some of the smaller, older planes operated by its regional carriers.

    United, which has ranked near the bottom of several airline customer satisfacti...


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