• Magma expanse under Yellowstone supervolcano

    Yellowstone National Park

    Getty Images

    As tourists stroll between Yellowstone's 300 active geysers, taking selfies in front of thousands of bubbling, boiling mud pots and hissing steam vents, they are treading on one of the planet's greatest time bombs.

    The park is a supervolcano so enormo...

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    By Ben Brumfield CNN
  • Get happy in the world's happiest countries

    Bern Switzerland


    Would a taste of the finest Swiss chocolate make you happy? Or soaking in the warm Icelandic springs? Perhaps the great jazz and rock music scene in Denmark is for you?

  • How to survive a drinking session in Korea

    Blurry Seoul

    Russell Cheyne/Getty Images

    Most companies in South Korea have hoesik at least once a month and sometimes every week.

    Literally, this means dinner with co-workers.

    In practice, it means official eating/drinking fests involving multiple rounds of alcohol at multiple venues.

    For t...

  • New Orleans' smoking ban takes effect

    cigarettes in ash tray smoking

    Vivek Chugh/SXC

    Cigarettes have been put out across the bars of New Orleans. Cigars are welcome no more.

  • Japan maglev train sets world record: 374 mph

    fastest trains by country

    It's a bird -- It's a plane -- It's an insanely fast Japanese bullet train.

  • SkyWest flight makes emergency landing



    A SkyWest Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, on Wednesday after a passenger lost consciousness, officials said.

    The passenger received medical attention before being released, according to Marissa Snow, spokeswoman for Sky...

  • Is Sky Whale the future of flying?

    sky whale

    Courtesy Oscar Viñals

    Designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals is slightly addicted to crafting concept planes.

  • The perils of flying with instruments

    Gibson guitars

    Gibson Guitar

    My 6-year-old daughter plays the cello. It is incredibly, heart-ticklingly awesome.

  • America's worst airline for customer satisfaction is...

    Spirit Airlines

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Which airline has the lowest customer satisfaction?

    Spirit Airlines ranked dead last in the latest travel report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

    With a score of 54, Spirit dethroned United Airlines as the lowest-ranking carrier ...

  • Replica of 18th-century French ship sets sail

    Ocean sea briny deep

    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    Lest we Americans forget that -- in the wellsprings of our nation -- France bore the torch of liberty alongside us, our old ally has launched a reminder from across the Atlantic's waves.

    L'Hermione, with three sail masts and bright royal blue and gold...

  • ANA launches awesome new "Star Wars" airplane

    Star Wars ANA plane

    From ANA

    It's been a wild week for "Star Wars" fans, what with the release of a new trailer for "The Force Awakens" leaving many fans openly in tears on Thursday.

  • Everest climbers keep wary eye on icefall

    Mt Everest

    Larry Lazo/CNN

    Mountaineers have returned to Mount Everest for this year's climbing season, resuming the quest to summit the world's highest peak after a deadly season last year.

    In 2014, the Nepal climbing season ended after a piece of glacial ice fell, unleashing...

  • Delta to cut international flights

    Delta plane

    Michael Calloway/CNN

    Planning to go to Brazil later this year? It might not be as easy flying on Delta. And you can blame the strong dollar and plunging oil prices.

  • Flier removed for poking seatmate with pen

    Best Airlines - Southwest

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Passengers, keep your pens to yourself.

    A female flier was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday after allegedly jabbing another passenger in the arm with a pen.

    The passenger "was removed from the flight for poking her seatmate with a pen ...

  • TSA officers fired for plotting to grope men

    TSA, airport security

    Jim Spellman/CNN

    Two Transportation Security Administration screeners have been fired after conspiring to grope attractive men at Denver International Airport, Denver police said.

  • GAO: Newer aircraft vulnerable to hacking

    Airplane cockpit computer

    Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

    Hundreds of planes flying commercially today could be vulnerable to having their onboard computers hacked and remotely taken over by someone using the plane's passenger Wi-Fi network, or even by someone on the ground, according to a new report.

  • Hidden cameras show airport workers stealing


    Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Inside a plane at Miami International Airport, baggage handlers are going on a shopping spree with passengers' bags.

    What they don't know is that they are being recorded on a hidden camera. The Miami-Dade Police Department set up the camera as part of...

  • Asiana Airlines plane skids off Japan runway

    Asiana takeoff fails

    An Asiana Airlines plane overran a runway while landing at Japan's Hiroshima Airport on Tuesday evening, prompting the airport to temporarily close, the Japanese transportation ministry said.

  • Ramp agent falls asleep in plane's cargo hold

    Alaska Airlines airplane

    From Alaska Airlines

    Getting caught napping on the job is never good. Getting caught napping on the job in the cargo hold of a plane takes it to a whole different level.

    Alaska Airlines Flight 448 was just barely on its way to Los Angeles from Seattle-Tacoma International...

  • You're right -- flying got worse in 2014



    If you think airline travel is getting worse, there are now numbers to back that feeling up.

  • Agent in cargo hold leads to emergency jet landing

    Alaska Airlines airplane

    From Alaska Airlines

    An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday after its pilot reported hearing unusual banging.

    Flight 448, which had been bound for Los Angeles, returned to Seattle.

    Upon landing, a ramp agent was discovered inside the front...

  • Virgin Islands vacationers possibly exposed to deadly pesticide

    St John Virgin Islands

    Barry haynes/Wikimedia Commons

    Government officials are trying to track down vacationers who stayed at villas in the Virgin Islands who may have been exposed to a deadly pesticide, methyl bromide.

  • Soccer player attacked on Atlanta-bound plane

    Oliver Minatel


    A passenger on an Atlanta-bound Air Canada flight told a CNN reporter on the plane Friday that a stranger sitting behind him tried to choke him.

    Oliver Minatel, 22, said he was sleeping on Air Canada Flight 8623 from Toronto when he felt something aro...

  • Epic ride is back on after stolen bike found

    Bicycle rider cyclist

    Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

    If there's one thing that hurts more than the saddle sores from cycling around China for 460 days, it's having the bike you did it on stolen just days before completing your epic trip.

    That's what happened to cyclist Wang Pingan as he neared the end o...

  • Woman with cancer told she can't fly

    Alaska Airlines paint job

    All Elizabeth Sedway wanted was to leave paradise and head home. But she couldn't.

    Why? Because, according to her, she has cancer.

    That's what she said in a video posted to Facebook that shows her group packing up from their Alaska Airlines plane as i...


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