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  • The best time to book your holiday flight is...

    Airline airplane


    If you're planning on flying over the holidays, now's the time book your tickets.

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    By Kathryn Vasel
  • Teen's Amazon quest ends in tragedy

    Amazon forest


    Kyle Nolan did his research -- his mother made sure of that. She didn't want her 18-year-old son heading to the Amazon jungle at all -- let alone, without learning everything he could about the supposed "medicine" with the bizarre name that he insisted would help him turn his young life around.

  • San Francisco guide's Chinatown rant goes viral

    Racist tour guide San Francisco

    A San Francisco tour guide's expletive-laced rant about Chinatown on her last day of work has angered a metropolis used to celebrating the diverse and welcoming City by the Bay.

  • Dear nature vandal: The Web wants you


    Matt Lingerfelt/CNN

    The National Park Service is investigating reports of graffiti and other vandalism in at least 10 National Park sites throughout the western United States.

  • Ebola fears prompt N. Korea to halt tourism

    North Korea

    North Korea is closing its borders to international tourists because of concerns about Ebola, tour agencies specializing in the country were told.

    Beijing-based Koryo Tours and Young Pioneers Tours issued statements Thursday saying they received news...

  • Rwanda reverses plan to screen US visitors

    Ebola virus


    Rwanda will not be screening U.S. visitors for Ebola after all.

  • China one of top 3 destinations for expats

    China's flag

    Carlos Barria/Reuters

    Many Chinese want to swap Beijing pollution for greener foreign shores, but it seems plenty of expats are happy to head in the opposite direction..

  • Airline issues new 'Hobbit' safety video

    Air New Zealand

    Courtesy Air New Zealand

    Here's an airline safety video passengers might actually watch. Air New Zealand has published another in its recent series of "Hobbit"-themed videos, complete with cameos by director Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood, star of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

  • Visiting national parks could cost more

    waterfall in Yellowstone National Park

    Ray Birden

    Want to visit Yosemite, Grand Canyon or Yellowstone next year? Pack your camping supplies and knock those parks off your bucket list now.

  • Americans taking fewer vacation days

    Beach chairs, umbrella, vacation, ocean

    Patrick Moore/SXC

    Feeling buried by work, like you can't find time for a few days off, like your entire work-life balance is out of whack?

  • $134,700 trip of a lifetime for fashionistas

    Arc de Triomphe Paris


    Trendy power couples can now get their fashion fix with a 30-day tour of the 12 most in-vogue global cities. But deep pockets better be in style: The trip costs $134,700.

  • 50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon

    50 states, 50 jobs, one honeymoon

    Courtesy Heath Padgett

    Newlyweds from Texas were looking for a "grand adventure" when they set out on June 1 for a seven-month, 50-state road trip -- and an extended honeymoon.

  • The suitcase you can ride to the airport

    Suitcase you can ride to airport

    Courtesy Olaf

    Ever wished you could clamber aboard your cumbersome luggage to zoom down a hill or coast through an airport? Driven by the same desire, Slovenian frequent flier Bostjan Zagar has come up with the answer -- a foot-powered scooter-suitcase known as Olaf.

  • Lonely Planet's top 10 cities for 2015

    Duomo Milan cathedral, Italy

    Jiuguang Wang via Wikimedia Commons

    Whether you want a cosmopolitan city, a central spot from which to explore nature or a hidden gem not yet discovered by great hordes of tourists, Lonely Planet's top 10 cities for 2015 has a spot for you.

  • W. Africa travelers restricted to 5 US airports

    JFK airport Ebola screening

    U.S. Customs & Border Protection

    All travelers flying into the United States from the West African countries most impacted by the Ebola virus can only enter the U.S. through five airports, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Tuesday.

  • 12 best meat cities in America

    New York City traffic

    CNN Image

    With the possible exception of smartphone technology, nothing's seen more practical advances this millennium than food.

  • World's worst airport in 2014 is...

    Checking in at LaGuardia Airport

    Eric Thayer/Reuters

    Good news for air travelers passing through Manila: the city's international airport isn't quite as bad as it used to be.

  • Ebola fears cripple Africa's safari industry


    Gary Gershman

    With travel to Africa poised to hit all-time highs in 2014, a drop-off in travel bookings was the last thing the continent's lucrative safari industry thought it would be facing going into 2015.

  • Coming soon: Best future theme parks

    The Voyage roller coaster, Holiday World, Indiana

    You don't have to be a Soviet wheat farmer to realize that five-year plans aren't much fun.

    Unless, that is, you start scheduling in new theme park openings.

    A worldwide construction boom is currently underway that will bring in a slew of incredible n...

  • Would you jump off this bridge?

    West Virginia BASE jumping day

    Courtesy Vertical Visions

    We can think of few things crazier than strapping a parachute to one's body and jumping off a bridge for a quick free fall.

  • 800 on flights linked to nurse contacted

    Amber Vinson 3

    Lawrence Vinson/Family Spokesperson

    Concerns about even remote chances of Ebola exposure rippled Friday from a U.S. airline to a cruise ship off Belize, with Frontier contacting hundreds who flew with an infected nurse and Carnival quarantining a health worker only tangentially linked ...

  • Airline offers 'Flying Nannies' for children

    Flying nannies Etihad Airlines

    Etihad Airlines

    Does your baby cry during long flights, causing you to want to disappear from the glares of fellow passengers?

  • U.S. tourist gets trapped in London bookstore



    There's nothing like getting stuck into a good book -- but getting stuck in a good book store is a different matter.

  • Introducing FireChat, the app behind Hong Kong's protests


    Open Garden

    The revolution will not be televised but it will be tweeted, instant messaged or, in the case of Hong Kong, broadcast on mesh networks like FireChat.

  • London: Essentials for executive travelers

    London Big Ben


    Ah, London. Theater. Art. Fashion. Shopping. Nightlife. Meals you'll never forget (and that can be meant, now, in a good way.) Is there anything she doesn't do superlatively?


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