Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings in effect for the Coachella Valley area

A large ridge of high pressure will keep high temperatures 5-10 degrees above average through Friday, with highs over 111 likely in the low deserts.

  • Air Algerie plane wreckage found in Mali

    Air Algerie crash site1

    ECPAD via CNN

    French forces secured the site of a crashed Air Algerie flight in Mali, and found one flight recorder but no survivors, French President Francoise Hollande said Friday.

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    By Faith Karimi and Laura Smith-Spark CNN
  • Flight attendant: How we keep flying

    Malaysia Airlines

    Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

    Seeing the images of the mangled wreckage of an aircraft after a crash is difficult for any flight attendant.

  • Official: No survivors of Air Algerie crash

    New Air Algerie crash map


    The wreckage of an Air Algerie flight that crashed early Thursday has been found in the northern Mali desert, officials in Burkina Faso, where the plane took off, said on state-owned RTB television.

  • Drunk passenger mistakes plane door for bathroom door

    Airplane seats, airline, flight

    iStock / mikdam

    A man who had been drinking vodka and beer to steady his nerves while on his first flight ever attempted to open the plane's main door, thinking it was the bathroom.

  • World unrest raises travel tension

    Airline airplane


    It's been a tension-filled week for travelers used to flying safely around the world.

  • Minn. man kicked off flight over tweet

    Southwest Airlines jet

    Sam Meyer/CNN

    A Minnesota man claims he and his two sons were asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight over a tweet he posted.

  • Paris hotels experiment with 'honesty rates'

    Hotel Tour d'Auvergne

    Courtesy Hotel Tour d'Auvergne

    When your city has an unenviable reputation for insulting tourists and fleecing them for every cent, inviting hotel guests to pay what they want could be a risky move. That's the experiment being tested by several hotels in the French capital during the height of the summer season.

  • World's coolest bookstores

    World's Best Bookstore

    Courtesy Eslite Corp

    Someday there may be a generation of kids who think bookstores are fictional creations found only in novels that come in the mail.

    Understandable, since many of the world's most beautiful independent bookstores have closed in recent years.

    Not all of ...

  • Guests refuse to leave Airbnb host's house

    New airbnb logo

    From Airbnb

    If the old saw about houseguests being like fish is true -- after a few days they begin to stink -- imagine what it must smell like in poor Cory Tschogl's 600-square-foot condo in Palm Springs, California.

  • Taiwan plane crash kills 48, injures 10

    Taiwan plane crash car rubble

    Wong Yao-wen/Reuters

    At least 48 people were killed and 10 injured when a twin-engine turboprop plane crashed while attempting to land in Penghu Islands, according to Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration.

  • Bloomberg flying to Israel to protest FAA ban

    Bloomberg blurb

    A combative Michael Bloomberg told CNN on Wednesday the United States erred in banning airline flights to Israel after a Hamas rocket landed near its main airport earlier this week.

    The former New York mayor flew overnight to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel...

  • U.S. extends ban on flights into Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv airport

    Critics lashed out Wednesday against the Federal Aviation Administration, which extended its ban on U.S. airlines' flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Calling the decision a "mistake," Michael Bloomberg -- who arrived in Israel on El Al, Israel's na...

  • FAA ban: Israeli setback, Hamas victory

    Passengers at Israels Ben Gurion Airport

    REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

    The FAA's ban on U.S. flights to and from Israel's main airport for a second day marks another blow to that country's economy and a success for Hamas militants, experts said Wednesday.

    Even Israeli officials acknowledged the economic setback in the fi...

  • Fighters escort private jet to landing in UK

    Welcome to Stansted Airport

    REUTERS/Stephen Hird

    Military fighter planes escorted a Gulfstream jet to the London area's Stansted Airport on Wednesday evening after the jet allegedly lost contact with air traffic controllers, an airport spokesman said.

  • 'Game of Thrones' star takes on British airline

    Maisie Williams

    Lucas Jackson/Reuters

    Don't mess with a Stark. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones," got into a row on Twitter with British Airways.

  • Many flights soar over conflict zones

    Flights soar over conflict zones


    When passengers boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last week, they couldn't have known they were about to fly over a battlefield.

    But hours later, at 33,000 feet above eastern Ukraine, a missile ended the lives of 298 innocent civilians.

    That flight w...

  • U.S. ends ban on flights to Israel

    Ben Gurion Airport


    The United States has lifted its ban on U.S. carriers flying to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The Federal Aviation Administration's move came Wednesday night, a day and a half after it imposed the prohibition over security concerns amid renewed Mideast ...

  • 'America's Oktoberfest' opens this week

    Oregon Brewers Festival

    Courtesy of Timothy Horn

    Those hardy micro-brewing pioneers of the first Oregon Brewers Festival in 1988 were looking for some free advertising and a few people to taste the beers they were brewing in tanks scavenged from dairies, food processing plants and -- yes -- a never-used nuclear power plant.

  • An optimist's guide to travel bargains

    Montreal, Quebec

    Tourisme Montréal/Pierre-Luc Dufour

    Just as every bull market has a bear, every tourist destination has a flip side, a season when prices go down and savvy, flexible travelers can score big savings. Especially those who are good at spotting silver linings.

  • Doing time on Italy's prison islands

    Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano - Montecristo

    Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano

    For centuries Italy has housed its convicts and political enemies on some of the myriad tiny islands that dot its stunning coastline. Though they once held some of the country's most-wanted criminals, these prison islands are now among its most-wanted vacation destinations.

  • FAA bans US-Israel flights, citing rocket attack

    Delta Airlines

    Larry Downing / Reuters

    A number of the world's leading airlines on Tuesday suspended flights to Israel's main airport after a rocket fired from Gaza struck about a mile from its runways.

    The Federal Aviation Administration ordered U.S. airlines to stop flying to or from Te...

  • Massive flight disruptions expected in China

    Canceled flights Jan 22


    Hundreds of flights to and from eastern China were canceled or delayed Monday and state media warned that more disruptions should be expected in the next few weeks.

  • Summer bummer: Six Flags attendance tanks

    Bizarro Roller Coaster, Six Flags New England

    Six Flags took a dive on Monday and not in a fun roller coaster kind of way.

    The theme park's shares plunged as much as 9% after the company disclosed an attendance drop.

    Only 8.2 million people went to one of Six Flags' 18 parks in April, May or June...

  • 8 unlikely, adorable city mascots

    Hamish McHamish

    Courtesy Hamish McHamish

    The world's most adorable city mascots have some heady responsibilities and impressive lines on their CVs, from running a train station to gracing a "Vanity Fair" cover with Hollywood elite. But cuteness alone didn't get them their celebrity. Their stories did.

  • TSA passenger security fee rises

    Airport security, TSA

    Robert Johnson/CNN

    The costs of your airline travel will rise a little today, thanks to the federal government.

    Airline passenger security fees charged by the Transportation Security Administration are increasing because of the congressional budget deal passed in Decem...


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