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  • 9 reasons travelers hate LaGuardia Airport

    Canceled flights, LaGuardia

    Brian Vitagliano/CNN

    Vice President Biden famously said LaGuardia Airport reminds him of being in a "third-world country." Flyers couldn't agree more.

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    By Ananya Bhattacharya
  • LaGuardia Airport to get $4 billion facelift

    Planes clipped at La Guardia

    Stormie Alsruhe

    Travelers to New York know the mess that LaGuardia Airport is. Disjointed terminals, awkward transfers and ugly traffic. Not only on the runways, but on the roads around them.

    LaGuardia was good for its day, but that day was in 1939. Now it's a place ...

  • Fly on a 'time machine' called the Tin Goose

    tin goose

    Thom Patterson/CNN

    They call this airplane a time machine.

  • Flying aboard Goodyear's anti-gravity machine

    New Goodyear blimp

    Thom Patterson/CNN

    Really, it's an anti-gravity machine.

  • 40 Taiwanese foods we can't live without

    Fish ball soup

    Maggie Hiufu Wong/CNN

    Small eats, and a lot of them, are the big thing in Taiwan.

    Recently voted by our readers as the best food destination in the world, the culinary philosophy here is eat often and eat well.

  • Hippest NYC hotel may be a parked van

    parked van hotel NYC


    A New York hotel starting at $22 per night?

  • 5 injured in plane crash at Wisconsin airshow

    Wisconsin air show crash

    Five people were taken to a hospital with injuries Wednesday morning in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, officials said, after a small plane crashed at one of the world's largest airshows.

    A single-engine Piper Malibu crashed during approach at a regional airport...

  • 4 flights lit by lasers over NY, NJ

    Airplane flying through sky

    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

    Four flights over the New York metro area reported Tuesday being illuminated by lasers, continuing a troubling trend that government officials say can disorient and temporarily blind pilots.

  • World's 1st animal terminal planned for JFK

    JFK animal terminal

    The Ark at JFK

    An airport terminal with a swimming pool, suites equipped with flat-screen TVs, customized departure lounges and around-the-clock medical care sounds like a dream come true for airline passengers.

  • Dip into Colombia's messiest attraction

    Cartagena Mud Volcano/Volcán de Lodo El Totumo

    Courtesy Micah Spangler

    Our guide had been clear. "Don't take anything into the volcano," she said. "Anything you bring will be destroyed."

    Below me loomed the Cartagena Mud Volcano -- or Volcán de Lodo El Totumo in Spanish -- a 50-foot-tall mud bath renowned for its therape...

  • Japan's robot hotel opens its doors

    Japanese robot staff

    When the reception desk is staffed by a robot dinosaur, the chances of a room upgrade are going to be fairly slim.

  • Happy 60th, Disneyland! A long way from Day 1

    Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

    Tom Arthur/Wikimedia Commons

    It's the park that Walt built.

  • FAA: 34 N.J. flights report lasers

    Newark Liberty International Airport

    Wikimedia Commons

    Thirty-four commercial flights reported lasers pointed at them Wednesday night as they flew over New Jersey -- the latest in a growing number of such dangerous incidents plaguing U.S. skies.

    There was no indication the 43 incidents detailed Thursday a...

  • Source: MH17 report blames Russian missile

    MH17 crash site

    Phil Black/CNN

    It's been nearly one year since 298 people were killed after a commercial passenger plane broke up over the Ukraine.

  • You can sail around the world ... for $55,000

    Regent Seven Seas

    Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    In 2017 you'll have a chance to cruise around the world. But living the dream doesn't come cheap.

  • Frontier Airlines has widened the dreaded middle seat

    Frontier Airlines

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Passengers in the middle seat are getting a little more wiggle room on some Frontier Airlines flights.

    The low-cost carrier is adding an extra inch to the middle seats on its Airbus A320 and A319 planes, bringing the width to 19.3 inches. Window and ...

  • Airline tells teen she's too pale to fly

    Etihad Airlines

    Etihad Airlines

    Worst. Vacation. Ever.

  • The world's best place for holidays

    Airplane flying through sky

    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

    You would be forgiven for thinking it was Spain, Thailand or Italy. But this year the accolade of World Best Tourism Destination has been given to a surprising candidate: Ethiopia.

  • Protesters delay flights at Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow terminal

    Marc Foster-Pert/CNN

    Climate change protesters, demonstrating against a possible third runway, caused delays Monday at London's Heathrow Airport.

    "A group of people is currently staging a protest on the northern runway," Heathrow spokeswoman Rachel Betts said during the d...

  • Solar Impulse: Damaged batteries delay flight

    Solar Impulse


    Solar Impulse 2's attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel has been delayed by serious battery damage, raising questions over whether the experimental plane's mission can be completed before the days get too short.

  • 10 gorgeous Med islands you've never heard of

    10 Islands - Ile Piana

    From Bonafacio Tourism Office

    Sometimes it feels like the best Mediterranean islands must've started taking this year's summer bookings back in the 1970s.

    All the best spots are long gone, leaving just overpriced or underwhelming options for last-minute travelers.

    There are, howeve...

  • United pilot flushed ammo in plane toilet

    United Airlines

    Courtesy United Airlines

    A United Airlines pilot first threw live ammunition in the trash, then flushed it down a toilet on an international flight -- an episode that spurred the involvement of German authorities and an investigation by the airline.

    The incident unfolded aboa...

  • Volcanic ash prompts closure of Bali airport

    Jet on runway

    Ricky Shine/CNN

    Ash spewing from an Indonesian volcano has brought chaos for travelers on the popular resort island of Bali and beyond, prompting the closure of four airports in the region.

    No flights were going in or out of Bali's Denpasar airport on Friday as nearb...

  • 7 rooftop hotel pools with amazing city views

    7 pools - Marina Bay Sands

    From Marina Bay Sands

    Summer in the city can be really fun -- and scorching hot.

    Enter the rooftop hotel pool that offers not only a cool reprieve from sizzling concrete but also a stunning city view.

    Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    A dip in the Marina Bay Sands' 150-meter infi...

  • United apologizes for 'falling short' during computer glitch

    United Airlines

    Aaron Cooper/CNN

    United Airlines sent apology letters to customers Thursday for "falling short" when a systems glitch grounded its flights worldwide.

    "We recognize that we didn't meet your expectations and this did not make for an overall positive experience," the ema...


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