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  • How Hong Kong protests are affecting travel

    Hong Kong protests

    Suraj Katra/CNN iReport

    With an efficient subway, multiple inexpensive taxis and a good public bus system, Hong Kong is normally one of the world's easiest major cities to get around. In the midst of this week's Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, however, travelers to Hong Kong may find moving around slightly more difficult than usual.

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    By Magie Hiufu Wong CNN
  • Air traffic control fire suspect in court

    Brian Howard courtroom sketch

    Sketches by Tom Gianni

    A contract employee accused of setting a fire at a key Chicago air traffic control center made his first court appearance since the incident created flight problems that rippled across the nation.

  • Air travel still hobbled after Chicago fire

    Passengers in line, Chicago O'Hare

    Jim Young/Reuters

    If you are traveling today, you may want to check with your airline.

    Thousands of flights into and out of Chicago's two airports have been delayed or canceled since a fire damaged a key Chicago air traffic control center Friday, creating flight proble...

  • Chicago-area incident still snarling flights

    Chicago airport during ground stop


    The effects of an employee's alleged sabotage of the Illinois air traffic control center where he worked continued to be felt by air travelers through the weekend.

    By Saturday afternoon, more than 660 flights scheduled to either take off or land at C...

  • 20 reasons it's great to be a tourist



    In honor of World Tourism Day, celebrated Sept. 27, here are 20 reasons it's great to be a camera-toting out-of-towner with a sudden need to stand in line for a Renaissance art museum.

  • FBI: Man charged in FAA fire sent message

    Police remove evidence from FAA facility

    REUTERS/Karl Plume

    The man accused of setting a fire in an air traffic control center, causing the shutdown of operations at Chicago O'Hare International and nearby Midway Airport, sent a private Facebook message to a relative just before he started the blaze.

  • Woman hitches rides on planes to 46 states

    Amber Nolan

    Courtesy Amber Nolan

    Amber Nolan is stuck. The 30-year-old is in Alaska and she needs to get to the lower 48 -- "or Hawaii." She plans to leave Alaska by plane and it likely won't cost her a dime. Nolan's not a stowaway. The aviation enthusiast calls herself a "jet hitchhiker."

  • Airbus helps develop first supersonic biz jet

    Airbus aircraft plant


    How would you like to trim three hours off the current commercial jet flight time between Paris and Washington, D.C.?

  • Adorable dog reunites you with lost airplane items

    Sherlock, KLM lost and found service team member

    From KLM

    Meet Sherlock, the appropriately named beagle tasked by the Royal Dutch Airlines with returning items forgotten on planes by passengers flying into Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

  • TSA: Woman arrested at JFK with contraband

    Marijuana guns confiscated JFK

    When do boxes of baby wipes and laundry tablets get you in trouble? When they're stuffed with marijuana, ammunition and .40 caliber handguns.

  • Riding the murder mystery express

    Riding London's murder mystery express

    Courtesy Kate Whitehead

    It's only as I'm inviting my friend to lunch that I realize the prospect might not sound that appetizing. "There will be a murder," I say. "Someone will die."

  • World's best nightlife cities

    Bangkok, Thailand blurb


    Not everyone gets it. But for some of us, travel is best expressed through celebration.

  • 2 passenger planes turn back to Dallas

    American Airlines

    American Airlines

    Two American Airlines flights flew back to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport early Monday because of unrelated technical issues. The passenger jets landed within two minutes of each other.

  • Fes: A time traveler's delight

    Fes, Morocco


    Fes is Morocco's oldest city, and in many ways, it feels like a window on history.

  • JetBlue flight makes scary emergency landing

    JetBlue side of plane

    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    Many wept. Some prayed. But after their smoke-filled plane rattled to an emergency landing, passengers had a new lease on life, as they exited a JetBlue flight Thursday via inflatable chutes.

  • And the world's busiest airport is ...

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    Wes Little/CNN

    It's probably no surprise to anyone who has flown through Atlanta that the city's airport is still the busiest passenger airport in the world.

  • Hurricane strands tourists in Mexico

    Tourists stranded, Hurricane Odile

    Alaska Airlines

    Authorities in Mexico say thousands of tourists were trapped after Hurricane Odile left airports unable to reopen.

  • Are these the world's sexiest accents?

    Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz at 2010 Cannes

    Yves Herman/Reuters

    It's estimated that there are nearly 7,000 languages on earth. That's nearly 7,000 different ways to traipse clumsily through the English language -- or to sex it up like an old Justin Timberlake song.

  • The ultimate first-class perks

    Luxurious jets

    Courtesy: Etihad

    We've broken down the top first-class perks to see which carriers offer the best value.

  • Stolen phone racks up $500,000 bill in a day

    Texting, using cellphone, smartphone


    Think your vacation cellphone bill is high? Then spare a thought for the Australian hit with more than $500,000 in charges for calls made when his device was stolen in Europe.

  • United attendants can get up to $100K to leave job

    United Airlines

    Courtesy United Airlines

    United Airlines is about to make some of its flight attendants very happy on their way out the door.

    The airline and the flight attendants' union have agreed to voluntary buyout packages worth up to $100,000 for the more senior flight attendants.

    The o...

  • Marriott: Tip your housekeeper!

    The Envelope Please initiative

    From Marriott International

    When you're staying at a hotel, tip your housekeeper!

    That's the message from Marriott International. It is placing envelopes in more than 160,000 rooms in the United States and Canada to encourage tipping the people who clean guest rooms.

    Marriott is ...

  • Disney World splurges that are worth it

    Four Seasons Orlando

    From Four Seasons Orlando

    Walt Disney World is expensive. No two ways about it.

    Thirty years ago, when I was a kid, you could get into the Magic Kingdom for just $18. Now, tickets cost $99 and up. But if you want to take the plunge, you might find that a few splurges are wort...

  • Measles at Seattle airport investigated



    Travelers who passed through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport earlier this month may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus, local health officials say.

  • Giant rabbit goes up in flames

    Moon Rabbit damaged in fire

    From Blue Dragon Art Company

    Dutch installation artist Florentijn Hofman must be feeling cursed right about now. The man whose giant rubber duck was stabbed 42 times in Belgium, attacked by a suspected eagle in Keelung City, Taiwan, and sunk in Hong Kong has a new disaster to contend with: grilled rabbit.


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