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  • Reports: 'Security threat' forces plane to remote airfield

    Delta Airlines

    Larry Downing / Reuters

    A potential security threat forced a Delta flight to land at a remote airfield in Denver on Friday, Reuters and Fox News reported.

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  • National parks free this weekend

    Glacier National Park

    Stephan Ferry/iReport

    Looking for something free to do this weekend? Check out a national park.

  • Best Easter egg hunts around the world

    Easter Egg Hunt, Roof Gardens

    Courtesy Roof Gardens London

    Searching living rooms and closets for your eggs may be fun the first six times, but if the novelty's wearing thinner than a chocolate eggs' foil wrapping, there are more adventurous egg trails out there.

  • 10 things you didn't know about Las Vegas

    Las Vegas strip at night

    Marcin Jochimczyk/SXC

    Not many cities evoke as many instant associations as Las Vegas.

  • Cruise companies on hunt for China's tourist dollars

    Cruise ship

    Royal Caribbean Cruises will base its newest ship in Shanghai, the latest move in a race to capture big tourism dollars flowing out of China.

  • Great Easter hotels for chocoholics

    The Chocolate Boutique Hotel

    The Chocolate Boutique Hotel

    Easter is upon us and, like clockwork, hordes of brightly wrapped chocolate bunnies and eggs have begun their domination of supermarket aisles.

  • MH370 families storm out of briefing

    Well-wishes, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

    Edgar Su/Reuters

    The man's anger at authorities giving a briefing on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could not be contained.

    He screamed at the screen as a promised video conference with Malaysian authorities became the latest part of the aftermath of the plane's disapp...

  • US Airways won't fire worker who sent lewd tweet

    US Airways tweet

    @USAirways/From Twitter

    The US Airways employee responsible for sending out a pornographic tweet Monday will not be fired, the company said, because it was a mistake.

  • Flight attendant brings comedy to safety talk

    Southwest flight attendant instructions


    A Southwest Airlines flight attendant turns a routine safety announcement into an all-out comedy skit.

  • Milan: Things to know before you go

    Milan, Italy

    Joel Camaya/iReport

    You could be forgiven for thinking that Italy's second city is all about fashion and finance. But go beyond the banks and boutiques and Milan offers a world of subterranean secrets, surreal meals and -- when its party scene gets too much -- silence.

  • Don't make these stupid travel mistakes

    Teen threatens American Airlines

    @QueenDemetriax_ /From Twitter

    Foolishness -- at home or abroad -- rarely yields great results. So please stop doing stupid stuff while traveling. Just stop it.

  • World's best pizza not in Italy

    Johnny Di Francesco

    Courtesy 400 Gradi

    Australian pizza is now officially the best in the world. Well, sort of.

  • US Airways says lewd tweet was a mistake

    US Airways tweet

    @USAirways/From Twitter

    It's not the first corporate Twitter blunder, but it might be one of the most obscene.

  • MH370: Sub returns to surface after just 6 hours

    Bluefin on Ocean Shield Flight 370

    REUTERS/U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Peter D. Blair/Handout via Reuters

    After completing just six hours of its mission of searching for underwater debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Bluefin-21 has returned to the surface, according to the Joint Agency Coordination Center in Perth, Australia.

  • Most photographed places in the world are...

    Moulin Rouge


    The Eiffel Tower isn't the most popular place for pictures in Paris, nor is the Empire State Building the top photo destination in New York.

  • Teen arrested after tweeting terror threat

    American Airlines terrorism tweet

    Screengrab of @QueenDemetriax_/Twitter

    Police arrested a 14-year-old Dutch girl Monday after she tweeted a terror threat to American Airlines that catapulted her into social media fame overnight.

  • Hong Kong in Lego form? Awesome

    Hong Kong in Legos

    Courtesy of Ric Tse

    Maybe we've seen "The LEGO Movie" too many times.

  • What happens after Flight 370's pingers die?

    Malaysia pinger graphic


    They are inaudible to humans, but they would be sweet music to searchers hoping to find clues to the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    They're the sounds believed to be emanating from the underwater locator beacons -- known as pingers -- that were...

  • Official: MH370 co-pilot had cell phone on

    Malaysia Airlines MH370 search


    The phone of the first officer of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was on and made contact with a cell tower in Malaysia about the time the plane disappeared from radar, a U.S. official told CNN on Monday.

    However, the U.S. official -- who cited informati...

  • MH370: Should search for pings stop?

    Malaysia Flight 370 countries involved


    Is it time for underwater search vehicles to start scanning the ocean floor in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    Some analysts say it is, because it's been days since anyone has picked up a possible signal from the missing aircraft's data rec...

  • Abbott on jet search: 'Massive, massive task'

    Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 search

    Richard Wainwright/Pool/Reuters

    Australia's Prime Minister repeated Saturday that he has a "high degree of confidence" that acoustic signals detected in the Indian Ocean are from at least one of the two black boxes from the missing Malaysian plane, but predicted that finding them r...

  • Australian PM 'confident' signals from black box

    Malaysia Airlines MH370 search, 4-11-2014


    Australia's Prime Minister said Saturday that Chinese officials appreciate his country's "transparency and candor" in the handling of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    "I think it's to our country's credit that we've approached it t...

  • Spirit Airlines tops complaint list

    Spirit Airlines

    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    Extra fees, oversold tickets, flight delays and cancellations helped to make Spirit Airlines the most complained about airline in the U.S., according to a report this week.

  • 7 ways air travel changed after air disasters

    Malaysia Airlines

    Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

    One of the key questions asked after any serious airline incident is: how do we stop this happening again?

  • How deep is deep? Imagining the MH370 search

    Ocean depth, Malaysia Airlines MH370 search


    Just how hard is it to find a plane at the bottom of the ocean? Imagine standing on a mountain top and trying to spot a suitcase on the ground below. Then imagine doing it in complete darkness.


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