• Flight attendant to travelers: Flush your drugs now

    Crowded flight, airline, airplane passengers

    An Australian airline is apologizing after a flight attendant told passengers to flush their drugs before landing.

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  • What is risk of catching Ebola on a plane?



    Deadly diseases like Ebola are only a plane ride away. In today's interconnected world, linked by transoceanic flights, one infected person can trigger a domino effect that pays no attention to borders.

  • Travel + Leisure names world's best cities

    Nanzen-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan


    Thailand's recent political troubles may have worked in Japan's favor when it came to this year's Travel + Leisure awards, with Kyoto knocking Bangkok off its spot at the top of the magazine's world's best cities list.

  • Digital Duomo: Florence by smartphone


    Donald Strachan/CNN

    Is it possible to survive in Florence, Italy, and see it properly armed just a smartphone?

  • 'Artbnb?' Village offers artists free accommodation


    From City of Genalguacil

    As vacation deals go this one isn't bad. The beautiful southern Spanish village of Genalguacil is offering free accommodation for more than two weeks during the summer peak season. There's a catch of course. The offer is open only to artists who must produce sculptures or other work during their stay, and bequeath at least one to the village.

  • Surprise Senate highway vote near deadline

    US Capitol 2

    Bob Kovach/CNN

    Alert: last-minute plot twist on a national issue that may involve your commute.

  • Is 2014 the deadliest year for flights?

    MH17 crash3

    REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

    Some may wonder if, statistically, the skies are getting more dangerous. They may ask themselves whether 2014 is trending toward one of the deadliest years in aviation history. Experts say don't be nervous.

  • Delta to offer free entertainment on U.S. flights

    Delta in-flight entertainment

    From Delta

    Airlines aren't known for giving away services.

    But Delta Air Lines says it will offer free movies, TV shows, music and video games on all U.S. flights that are 90 minutes or more, starting Friday.

  • How Uganda became a top tourist destination

    Uganda, tour bus

    Will Boase

    Fifty years ago Uganda was the "Pearl of Africa," a newly independent republic with a thriving economy, a functioning democracy and splendid national parks.

  • China to soon be the world's top business travel market

    China's flag

    Carlos Barria/Reuters

    China is the world's hottest market for business travelers, and spending in the country could surpass the U.S. as soon as 2015, according to a new report.

  • Richard Branson's Virgin America files for IPO

    Virgin America


    Virgin America, the U.S. airline formed by billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Group seven years ago, has filed for an IPO.

    While the West Coast-based airline got its name from Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline, it is not mostly owned by Branson, Vir...

  • Dad: Man on SWAT-stormed jet mentally ill

    Ali Shahi, man accused in Canadian flight threat


    When Sadegh Shahi heard reports about a SWAT team armed to the teeth storming onto a Sunwing Airlines flight to arrest a passenger, he thought to himself, "it's probably my son."

    The father's intuition apparently was correct.

    Ali Shahi was arrested Fr...

  • Neon signs are dying, our appreciation isn't

    Neon signs in Bangkok

    Marie Sager /iReport

    A few years ago, Brian Daniel was driving around Los Angeles when he spotted a neon sign for a random storage facility. The red stick figures carrying yellow boxes glowed from the mundane building. It was like it was screaming out to him.

  • 16 incredible rooftop bars

    Rooftop bar Shanghai

    Courtesy Sir Elly's Terrace

    One good thing about humanity's obsession with building enormous numbers of buildings? More rooftops, which means more rooftop bars.

  • Toronto SWAT team storms plane, arrests man

    Police lights file

    A passenger captured dramatic cell phone video of a Canadian SWAT team storming onto a Sunwing flight at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Friday. The video shows the police tactical team swarming onto the plane with their weapons drawn, yellin...

  • Air Algerie plane wreckage found in Mali

    Air Algerie crash site1

    ECPAD via CNN

    French forces who secured the site of a crashed Air Algerie flight in Mali found one flight recorder but no survivors, French President Francoise Hollande said Friday.

    Wreckage of the jet was found in a "disintegrated state" in Mali, he said, making i...

  • Flight attendant: How we keep flying

    Malaysia Airlines

    Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

    Seeing the images of the mangled wreckage of an aircraft after a crash is difficult for any flight attendant.

  • Official: No survivors of Air Algerie crash

    New Air Algerie crash map


    The wreckage of an Air Algerie flight that crashed early Thursday has been found in the northern Mali desert, officials in Burkina Faso, where the plane took off, said on state-owned RTB television.

  • Drunk passenger mistakes plane door for bathroom door

    Airplane seats, airline, flight

    iStock / mikdam

    A man who had been drinking vodka and beer to steady his nerves while on his first flight ever attempted to open the plane's main door, thinking it was the bathroom.

  • World unrest raises travel tension

    Airline airplane


    It's been a tension-filled week for travelers used to flying safely around the world.

  • Minn. man kicked off flight over tweet

    Southwest Airlines jet

    Sam Meyer/CNN

    A Minnesota man claims he and his two sons were asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight over a tweet he posted.

  • Paris hotels experiment with 'honesty rates'

    Hotel Tour d'Auvergne

    Courtesy Hotel Tour d'Auvergne

    When your city has an unenviable reputation for insulting tourists and fleecing them for every cent, inviting hotel guests to pay what they want could be a risky move. That's the experiment being tested by several hotels in the French capital during the height of the summer season.

  • Guests refuse to leave Airbnb host's house

    New airbnb logo

    From Airbnb

    If the old saw about houseguests being like fish is true -- after a few days they begin to stink -- imagine what it must smell like in poor Cory Tschogl's 600-square-foot condo in Palm Springs, California.

  • Taiwan plane crash kills 48, injures 10

    Taiwan plane crash car rubble

    Wong Yao-wen/Reuters

    At least 48 people were killed and 10 injured when a twin-engine turboprop plane crashed while attempting to land in Penghu Islands, according to Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration.

  • Bloomberg flying to Israel to protest FAA ban

    Bloomberg blurb

    A combative Michael Bloomberg told CNN on Wednesday the United States erred in banning airline flights to Israel after a Hamas rocket landed near its main airport earlier this week.

    The former New York mayor flew overnight to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel...


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