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  • Southwest Airline pilots take to picket lines

    Southwest Airlines

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Airline pilots are taking their demands for higher wages straight to airline passengers.

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    By Chris Isidore
  • Flight delayed over bizarre crew member tiff


    Barry Neild/CNN

    A disagreement between two crew members baffled a plane full of easyJet passengers and caused the entire flight to be delayed for more than an hour. You may now unfasten your seatbelts, the level of petty has reached 30,000 feet.

  • Obama names Maine's Katahdin Woods as newest national park site

    Katahdin Woods via CNN

    On the eve of the National Park Service's centennial, President Barack Obama named Maine's Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument on Wednesday as the newest national park site.

    People can already visit the 87,000-acre national monument, which ha...

  • Highest, tallest, hottest: National park record-setters

    National Parks Wrangell

    National Park Service

    Yellowstone, Yosemite and the entire country of Switzerland would fit inside the United States' largest national park, a 13.2 million-acre expanse in Alaska.

    And it would take about 2,400 of the smallest of the 59 headliner national parks to fill the ...

  • Tourists flocking to these places to avoid terrorism risks

    Airplane flying through sky

    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

    Spain, Portugal, Italy and other sunny European nations have seen a big boost in tourist numbers this year as nervous travelers avoid places targeted by terrorists.

  • Planes grounded as 3 severe storms hit Japan

    Mindulle 8 22

    Japan Meteorological Agency

    Typhoon Mindulle is roaring over Tokyo after making landfall earlier Monday, one of two storms which have lashed Japan over the past two days, killing one person and injuring 11. A third typhoon is predicted for later this week.

    A 42-year-old man was ...

  • London's 24-hour Tube = $101 million economic boost

    London tube sign and Big Ben

    Oli Scarff Getty Images

    The start of 24-hour weekend service on London's Tube is set to boost the capital city's thriving night-time economy.

    The annual economic benefit from "Night Tube" service is expected to peak at 77 million pounds ($101 million) within the next 15 year...

  • De Niro plans to open luxury hotel in London

    Robert De Niro, September 2014

    Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

    Film legend Robert De Niro is expanding his hospitality empire.

  • Teen 'whirlwind' leads invasion of airports

    American Airlines plane

    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    A remarkable kid snagged the keys to the kingdom on Friday, just in time for National Aviation Day in the United States.

  • Baby born on plane gets 1 million air miles

    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

    Here's one kid who'll probably learn to fly before she can crawl.

  • Airline passengers are complaining less

    on-time airlines - intro

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Airlines are keeping customers happier this year.

  • World's largest aircraft completes first flight

    Airlander 10

    Oli Scarff/Getty Images

    The world's largest aircraft is finally flying!

    The giant blimp-like Airlander 10 spent 20 minutes in the air on Wednesday, after months of flight preparations and years of searching for funding, and landed safely at Cardington Airfield north of Lond...

  • Hundreds rescued from burning ferry off Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico ferry boat fire

    Puerto Rico Police via CNN

    Hundreds of passengers were safely rescued Wednesday from a burning ferry off Puerto Rico's northern coast.

    The emergency evacuation was prompted after a fire began in the ship's engine room and spread to other compartments on board, according to the ...

  • 8 special ways to blow the vacation budget

    Castle Rim


    You name it, it can almost certainly be arranged.

    Breakfast with a giant octopus?

    A private dinner from Wolfgang Puck's team, served in your 6,000 square-foot compound?

    A chopper to give you a head start on a hike -- or a better view of a volcano?


  • Check out Delta's new all-suite business class

    Delta Air Lines Suite

    Courtesy Delta via CNN

    Delta is bringing a little more privacy -- and luxury-- to the skies.

    The airline on Tuesday announced an all-suite business class that will provide fliers on international flights with their own personal space containing a flat-bed seat, an 18-inch entertainment system and individual storage space.

  • How we saved money to travel the world -- and never came back


    Many of us have dreamed of trading in our 9-5 desk jobs to travel the world.

  • New flavors on classic Cape Cod

    The Canteen, Cape Cod

    The Canteen/Happy Camper via CNN

    Part of the appeal of the Outer Cape has always been the rustic charm of the fried seafood restaurants, taffy shops, souvenir stores and ice cream parlors dotting the main artery, Route 6.

  • How to drive the ultimate American road trip

    Grand Canyon inversion

    Erin Huggins/National Parks Service

    Ah, the great American road trip. It's a rite of passage, a combination of nostalgia, discovery and misadventure ideally set against a sweeping landscape and killer tunes.

  • In the Tetons, these rangers rescue

    Teton rescue team

    Pool via CNN

    Park ranger Ron Johnson peers down from a helicopter, watching friend and fellow ranger Darin Jernigan suspended from a rope about 200 feet below him. 

    Working as the spotter for this latest mission, Johnson works in tandem with the pilot tasked with...

  • The world's friendliest cities

    View of Charleston, South Carolina

    John Moore/Getty Images

    Charleston, South Carolina is all the rage this year.

  • Airline problems? Remember to help yourself first

    Stranded Delta passengers

    Jackie Watanabe @sushiigirl via CNN

    It has been a torrid time for the airline industry this summer.

  • JetBlue turbulence puts 24 in hospital

    JetBlue jet


    At least 22 passengers and two crew members were taken to a hospital for evaluation after a JetBlue flight experienced rough turbulence Thursday evening, a spokeswoman for the airline said.

    JetBlue Flight 429, an Airbus A320, was headed from Boston to...

  • Burkinis banned on Cannes beaches amid terror concerns


    Giorgio Montersino/Wikimedia Commons

    Burkinis are among the overtly religious outfits banned from some of France's most popular beaches, amid growing terror concerns.

  • Delta says it's 'back on its feet' after some 2,000 cancellations

    Delta Air Lines line

    Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    Delta says it's back on track after a power outage led to three days of widespread delays and about 2,000 canceled flights.

  • Delta still digging out on Day 3

    Delta airlines system outage

    Aaron Cooper/CNN

    For Delta, Day 3 is better, but still not good.

    The airline has been scrambling to recover from a six-hour global shutdown on Monday. On Wednesday it continued to wrangle with backlogs, though there were significant improvements.

    The company said about...


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