Wind Advisory in effect for Coachella Valley and Riverside County Mountains

Low pressure in the Pacific Northwest will bring gusty westerly winds  up to 50 mph Saturday evening. Sunday morning the winds will shift to easterly as high pressure builds in the area. 

  • Venice to ban wheeled suitcases

    Venice suitcases


    For years Venice has battled the effects of rising waters on its historic architecture, but now it's facing a new threat -- wheeled suitcases.

    City officials have become so tired with the cacophony of rumbling luggage they're introducing fines of up t...

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    By Barry Neild CNN
  • Unlimited vacation? Not always as cool as it sounds

    Chairs on beach with umbrella, vacation

    Take as much time off as you want, as long as you get your job done. But it may not be quite as cool as it seems.

  • World's tallest coaster set for Orlando

    Skyscraper tallest roller coaster

    Mango's Tropical Cafe

    Plans are underway to build the world's tallest -- and quite possibly most terrifying -- roller coaster at an Orlando, Florida, theme park due to open in 2017.

  • JetBlue will cut legroom, charge for checked bags


    JetBlue is feeling the crunch, and soon, so will its customers.

  • Hotel fines guests who left scathing review

    hotel, luggage

    iStock / albln

    When a couple left scathing comments on a travel review website that a hotel in northern England they had stayed at was a "filthy, dirty rotten stinking hovel," they thought no more about it.

  • Best cruise lines include Disney, Carnival

    Cruise Ship Fall

    Wash your hands, slap on some hand sanitizer and put the latest norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship out of your mind.

    Nearly 22 million travelers are expected to hop on board cruises this year to set sail for fun and exciting locations, enjoying the d...

  • Southwest Airlines: Top stock of 2014

    Rear of nose landing plane Southwest

    Even for the high-flying airline sector, Southwest is in class of its own.

  • Norway's cool new passport has stylish secret

    Norway passport

    Courtesy Neue Design Studio

    Norway has revealed the result of a competition to design the country's new passport -- but the stylish winner has a major flaw.

  • New video emerges of moments after MH17 crash

    MH17 crash

    REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

    As the huge plume of black smoke fills the sky, people react with shock and confusion.

  • Eurostar e320: New train redefines fast

    Eurostar new trains

    REUTERS/Andrew Winning

    European airlines beware: Eurostar, the high-speed train company connecting London with Brussels and Paris, has just upped its game.

  • Virgin America stock soars 25% after IPO

    Richard Branson

    Zvezdan Bozinovski/CNN

    Virgin America markets itself as the hip way to fly. Investors are apparently on board.

    The upstart airline formed by billionaire Sir Richard Branson soared 25% out of the gate Friday from its IPO price of $23. The deal raised more than $300 million....

  • Cocaine in raw meat is latest wacky TSA find

    Airport security, TSA

    Robert Johnson/CNN

    A 24-year-old man was arrested at Mineta San Jose International Airport in California after airport security officials discovered about 3 pounds of cocaine smuggled inside raw meat in his checked luggage, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

  • U2 singer Bono's Learjet loses door midflight

    Bono at Clinton Global Initiative


    Did we almost lose Bono? The rear hatch of the aircraft taking the U2 lead singer from Dublin to Berlin was missing when the aircraft landed at Berlin Schonefeld Airport on Wednesday.

  • Tiger loose near Disneyland Paris

    Tiger on the loose in France

    City of Montévrain

    It's a tiger's tail.

  • 12 things to do in NYC before you die

    Manhattan, New York City

    According to a recent book, there are 100 things to do in New York City before you die.

    We've collected 12 of them here.

    All are located in Manhattan, unless noted.

    Sing karaoke at Arlene's Grocery

    You can't play a guitar like Jimi, you can't sing like ...

  • 8 things you might not know about Jamaica


    Unless you've been stuck in a mine shaft or visiting a distant planet for the past few decades, chances are you've heard of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt and can identify both as the most famous sons of Jamaican soil.

  • Where are the world's best hotels?

    Cape Town, Table Mountain


    As the new year approaches, many travelers are looking for inspiration on where to head in 2015.

    This list might help.

    Global hotel booking site has just released the results of its Travel Smarts study, which looks at destinations with the ...

  • Dog goes missing on Delta flight

    Delta Airlines jet, airplane

    Eric Miller/Reuters

    Frank Ramano is upset about an airline misplacing some very precious cargo on a recent flight: his dog, Ty. A week later, Ty is still missing.

  • Worst celeb in-flight meltdowns

    Actor Alec Baldwin

    Becky Brittain/CNN

    Whether by dressing inappropriately, taking up too much space or simply being themselves, plenty of irritable celebs have made flying a little more interesting for the rest of us.

  • 'Walking Dead' brings new life to tourism

    The Walking Dead, Rick

    From AMC

    Even a zombie apocalypse has a silver lining. At least in Georgia.

  • Glass walkway opens on London's Tower Bridge

    London Tower Bridge

    Kellie Keesee/CNN

    Can the world get enough vertical drop views over familiar destinations? It seems not.

  • One man's 3,750-mile walk along the Nile

    Levison Wood, Nile walk

    Courtesy Levison Wood

    In December 2013, photojournalist Levison Wood set out to become the first person to walk the length of the Nile River.

  • Final Tower of London poppy 'planted'

    Tower of London poppies

    Cori Pickwick/CNN

    Wrapped in heavy coats against the November chill, thousands of visitors crowd onto the paths circling the Tower of London to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary "sea" of crimson filling the castle's moat below.

  • AT&T cancels plans for in-flight Wi-Fi network


    Ferre' Dollar/CNN

    AT&T says it is no longer working to improve the mostly terrible Wi-Fi service on airplanes.

  • Visiting national parks could cost more

    Grand Canyon, Arizona 1

    For the first time in eight years, the National Park Service has given park sites that charge entrance and amenity fees permission to increase their rates by set amounts.


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