• Airlines drop flights to cash-starved Russia

    Airplane landing

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Cash-strapped Russians are ditching their foreign travel plans, spending their vacation in Russia instead.

    Now international airlines are finding it hard to fill planes to and from Russia and many are slashing their flights.

    EasyJet said Tuesday it wi...

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    By Ivana Kottasova
  • 5 travel spots that just got cheaper for Americans

    Moscow cheap 2015


    Honey, grab the kids: we're going abroad.

    Much of the world is on sale for Americans right now since the U.S. dollar is enjoying one of the strongest moments in modern history.

    Just about everything from hotels to luxury handbags to McDonald's hamburg...

  • Venice's sink or swim moment

    Venice sink or swim

    Phillip Bloom

    "Attenzione, the wine!"

    That is an old punchline in the Weir home, thanks to plastic cups of Chianti, a low bridge and a gondolier named Marco.

  • Would pilotless planes make sense?



    Would you be willing to fly on a plane with no pilot?

  • Lufthansa will now keep 2 crew members in cockpits

    Lufthansa planes

    Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

    Lufthansa was forced to introduce new rules on keeping two crew members in the cockpit at all times after its Germanwings flight crash killed 150 people on Tuesday.

  • 5 cases of pilots intentionally crashing

    Egyptair Flight 990 illustration

    Wikimedia Commons/Anynobody

    The final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525, as described by a French prosecutor, are chilling.

    The captain locked out of the cockpit. The co-pilot initiating a descent and not opening the door. The passengers unaware of what was happening until mom...

  • And the world's busiest airport is ...

    Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

    Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

    The birthplace of Coca-Cola, "Gone with the Wind" and Martin Luther King Jr. is still home to the busiest passenger airport in the world.

  • Road from Europe to US? Russia proposes it

    Trans-Siberian Highway


    London to New York City by car? It could happen if the head of Russian Railways has his way.

  • How safe are European airlines?


    Jonathan Schaer/CNN

    The plane crash in the French Alps Tuesday has turned the spotlight on the safety record of Europe's airlines.

  • French Alps plane crash: First clues

    French alps plane crash package

    A quick descent. No distress call. The pilot's actions.

    It will be months, or longer, before the causes behind Tuesday's crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 are known, but there are initial clues that aviation experts say will be the most important t...

  • Germanwings crash: Plane obliterated

    Germanwings Airbus A320 search effort

    Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images

    "A picture of horror."

    That's how German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier described the site where a Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday.

    "The grief of the families and loved ones is immeasurable," Steinmeier sai...

  • Warren Buffett's childhood home is on Airbnb

    Warren Buffett's childhood home


    Good news for Warren Buffett super fans!

  • San Francisco's luxury bus puts your commute to shame

    Leap Transit

    Leap Transit

    Would you pay $6 to commute in a bus that looks like a cafe crossed with a Virgin America plane?

  • TSA union calls for arming some airport employees

    TSA officer's badge

    In the wake of a violent machete attack at a airport security checkpoint, the union that represents Transportation Security Administration officers is calling for a new elite force that would be armed and authorized to use deadly force at airports ac...

  • Is this every woman's dream boat?

    Sunborn Yacht Hotel

    Courtesy Sunborn Gibraltar

    There are superyachts. And then there are superyachts for "ladies."

  • $15 flight to Europe? Too good to be true

    airplane wing, travel, flight

    Remember that offer of a $15 flight to Europe? Turns out it was too good to be true.

  • Airports try to stop lone wolf threat

    Delta planes at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

    Michael Calloway/CNN

    Even as major airports across the country clamp down on employee screening, a lone wolf could still potentially slip through security, a top airport official said.

  • Report: TSA let convicted felon through pre-check

    Airport TSA security

    John Moore/Getty Images

    The Transportation Security Administration allowed an individual who was a convicted felon and former member of a domestic terror group through TSA pre-check at a U.S. airport last summer, according to a new government watchdog report.

  • Laws you may not have known you were breaking

    Feeding pigeons in Venice

    Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

    A New Zealand bar manager and two Burmese colleagues were sentenced to two and a half years in jail in a Yangon court on Tuesday.

  • Conquering Kilimanjaro: 10 essential lessons


    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    You normally see me on TV, holding down two hours on CNN every day. And while I absolutely love my job, I needed a break.

  • Low-cost airline plans $15 flight to Europe


    Jasper Juinen/Getty

    Dreaming of a European vacation? It may pay to wait a few years. Europe's biggest budget carrier Ryanair is planning to launch cheap transatlantic flights by 2020.

  • Unfriendly skies for breastfeeding mom


    iStock Image

    Another flight brings another complaint about an airline interfering with a passenger breastfeeding her baby.

    The mothers who complain about instances of airline employees interfering with their breastfeeding or pumping aren't covering up and going a...

  • Math whiz maps fastest road trip through 48 states

    road trip, traveling in car, driving


    That bucket list road trip through the lower 48 just got a lot more efficient.

  • United flight turns back after passenger subdued

    United passenger

    Two quick-thinking passengers in the third row of a United flight to Denver tackled and subdued a man who was heading toward the cockpit, other travelers on the plane told CNN on Tuesday.

    The incident started shortly after United Flight 1074 took off ...

  • US Airways traveler goes into labor in flight

    US Airways jet landing

    Joel Page / Reuters

    About to have a baby? Congratulations! Now, please keep your feet on the ground.


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