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042414 Wind Advisory High Desert

Wind Advisory issued for high desert cities

A strong area of low pressure will move through Southern California late Friday. Strong and gusty winds are expected along with light rain and snow. Gusts could top 65 mph.

  • Malaysia to release MH370 report, PM says

    Shadow MH 370

    Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters

    Facing anger from families of Flight 370 passengers, Malaysia's Prime Minister said Thursday his government will release its preliminary report on the plane's disappearance.

    In a TV exclusive, Najib Razak told CNN the report will be available to the p...

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    By Josh Levs and Holly Yan CNN
  • Shakes on a plane: Airline drama

    Shakespeare on a plane

    Courtesy easyJet

    Passengers on board an easyJet flight from Gatwick, England, to Verona, Italy, on April 23 became the surprise audience for an inflight performance of Shakespeare's plays.

  • Four Seasons launches luxury jet experience

    Four Seasons jet

    Courtesy Four Seasons

    Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is entering the aviation game. Sort of.

  • Report: Teen stowaway's father speaks out

    Hawaiian Airlines

    The 15-year-old who sneaked onto a flight from California to Hawaii has been facing difficult times at school, a man identified as his father said in a published report.

  • MH370 search: Object not from plane

    Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 search

    Richard Wainwright/Pool/Reuters

    A metal object that washed ashore on Australia's coast wasn't from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, officials said.

    Detailed pictures of the object were enough to convince investigators that it wasn't a lead in the search for the missing plane, the Austr...

  • Stowaway was tired, quiet after jet's landing

    Hawaiian Airlines stowaway


    Teriyaki meatballs, rice, cookies and a bottle of water.

    That's what authorities gave a hungry teen stowaway who survived a five-hour flight hidden in the wheel well of a jetliner, soon after his unexpected arrival.

    The 15-year-old boy sneaked into the...

  • Teen stowaway signals 'big security breach'

    San Jose to Maui


    If a teen carrying nothing but a comb can do it, who else could breach airport security and hop aboard the bottom of a plane?

    That's the question many are asking after a 15-year-old boy sneaked into the wheel well of a Boeing 767 and flew from San Jos...

  • Wrigley Field still 'home' 100 years later

    Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

    John Gress/Reuters

    Living near Wrigley Field has always felt magical to diehard Chicago Cubs fan Deb Gordils, who was born and raised in Wrigleyville, just blocks away from the famed ballpark.

    The 53-year-old said her life has been intertwined with the ballpark. She spe...

  • Travelers set to splurge in 2014

    Melbourne, Australia

    If you're looking to splurge on travel this year, you're not alone.

  • 15 of the world's most spectacular theaters

    Sage Gateshead

    From Ian Britton

    Here are a few stages worth seeing, whether a play's being performed or not.

  • Airbnb faces off with New York over housing rentals


    New York may soon close the door on some of Airbnb's most popular hosts.

  • Official: Stowaway teen wanted to see his mom

    Jumbo jet wheels

    REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

    A 15-year-old boy who survived a flight from California to Hawaii by hitching a ride in the plane's wheel well said he was trying to get to Somalia to see his mother, a law enforcement official told CNN on Tuesday.

    He remains in a hospital in Hawaii,...

  • 15 of nature's most spectacular shows

    Aurora borealis

    Ingi Ragnarsson/iReport

    Fireworks are fantastic and human endeavor has its place, but sometimes Mother Nature outshines any performance we can produce.

  • MH370: Australian official tells what's next

    MH370 search


    Australian officials are hammering out a new agreement put forward by the Malaysian government that will set out critical guidelines in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

  • 5 sensational stowaways that survived



    News that a 16-year-old boy from California survived a five-hour flight in the wheel well of a Hawaii-bound Boeing 767 has shocked and impressed the world.

  • Condé Nast Traveler unveils 2014 'hot' hotels

    Andaz Maui

    Courtesy Andaz Maui at Wailea

    The gold -- no, scratch that -- platinum envelopes have been opened to reveal Condé Nast Traveler's 18th annual "hot list," highlighting what it says are the best hotels to debut in the past year.

  • Teen flies to Hawaii hidden in landing gear

    Hawaiian Airlines

    The questions are many.

    But the first has to be, how in the world did a 16-year-old boy survive a five-hour flight in below freezing cold weather at oxygen-depleted heights without dying or falling out of the wheel well of a huge jumbo jet?

    Another has...

  • Deaths leave Everest climbs up in air

    Mt Everest

    Larry Lazo/CNN

    Just days away from the beginning of the busiest climbing season of the year at Mount Everest, expeditions are unsure whether climbs on the world's highest peak will go ahead.

  • The most insane new U.S. roller coasters


    Courtesy Six Flags

    You'll flip head over heels for this summer's bumper crop of new roller coasters.

    "It's going to be a crazy good year," says Dave Lipnicky, an economist and volunteer public relations director for American Coaster Enthusiasts, an international group ...

  • 15 quirky hotels around the world

    Dog Bark Park Inn

    Courtesy Dog Bark Park Inn

    Here are 15 of the world's most memorable accommodations.

  • National parks free this weekend

    Glacier National Park

    Stephan Ferry/iReport

    Looking for something free to do this weekend? Check out a national park.

  • Malaysia Airlines flight returns to airport

    Malaysia Airlines

    Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 192 landed safely Sunday after returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, because its landing gear had malfunctioned on takeoff.

    The Boeing 737 with 166 people on board touched down just before 2 a.m. local time (2 p.m. ET), the air...

  • 10 things HK does better than anywhere else

    Hong Kong


    How can you not love Hong Kong?

    Home of Bruce Lee, divine dim sum, lofty buildings, loftier real estate prices and -- in spite of all those buildings -- easy access to incredible stretches of great outdoors.

    It's been more than 15 years since the Bri...

  • Reports: 'Security threat' forces plane to remote airfield

    Delta Airlines

    Larry Downing / Reuters

    A potential security threat forced a Delta flight to land at a remote airfield in Denver on Friday, Reuters and Fox News reported.

  • Best Easter egg hunts around the world

    Easter Egg Hunt, Roof Gardens

    Courtesy Roof Gardens London

    Searching living rooms and closets for your eggs may be fun the first six times, but if the novelty's wearing thinner than a chocolate eggs' foil wrapping, there are more adventurous egg trails out there.


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