Indio building catches fire again, roof collapses

An Indio building caught on fire early Sunday morning, according to CalFire's Jennifer Fuhrman.


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  • Winter storm cancels 1,400 Sunday flights

    Blizzard snow winter weather flights canceled

    Andrew Burton/Getty Images

    Airports in the Midwest are canceling flights ahead of a major winter storm set to hit the country's midsection Sunday and Monday.

    Nearly 1,400 U.S. flights have been canceled so far, according to, an online flight tracking service.

    A l...

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    By Kimberly Hutcherson
  • American, Russian cross Pacific in balloon

    Two Eagles capsule


    They didn't go around the world, but then again it didn't take them close to 80 days. Regardless, it's likely Jules Verne would be very proud of American Troy Bradley and Russian Leonid Tiukhtyaev, who broke records crossing the Pacific together in a...

  • Korean Air flight attendant testifies in 'nut rage' case

    Cho allegedly was abusive to a flight attendant during NYC to S. Korea flight

    A Korean Air flight attendant testified Heather Cho, the former vice president at Korean Air and the daughter of the airline's chairman, was berated her for serving macadamia nuts.

  • Delta pilot locked out of cockpit

    Delta Airlines jet, airplane

    Eric Miller/Reuters

    An airplane landing without the captain in the cockpit?

  • How Ink Global is building an inflight empire

    InFlight Magazine


    The front pocket of an airline seat may seem an unlikely place to find a winning business model, but the slender space in front of the laminated safety card has been a goldmine for the UK publisher Ink Global for the better part of 20 years.

  • Trans-Pacific balloon flight sets records


    Sunridin/Wikimedia Commons

    A team piloting a helium-filled balloon across the Pacific has set two major ballooning records.

  • United passengers describe emergency landing

    United Airlines

    Passengers described on social media a scary landing Thursday morning after a United Airlines flight over California had an in-flight emergency.

  • Airlines get more than 50 threats since Jan. 17

    Airport, delayed flight, travel, jet


    There has been a spike in online threats made against airlines since Jan. 17, when a bomb threat was made against a flight between Atlanta and Raleigh, according to a U.S. official.

    Since that threat, authorities have received more than 50 threats mad...

  • World's busiest international airport is ...

    Dubai International Airport

    From Dubai Airports

    For the first time ever, Dubai International Airport has overtaken London's Heathrow as the world's busiest airport for international traffic.

  • Next question after the blizzard: How to get home

    American Airlines generic

    There's the storm and the havoc it wreaks on travel. Then the snowy calm. And then the questions about when business will return to normal.

    Parts of the Northeast began digging themselves out Tuesday after a storm that shut down highways, mass transi...

  • U.S. News picks best hotels for 2015

    The Lodge at Sea Island

    The Lodge at Sea Island

    Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa took the top U.S. spot in U.S. News & World Report's fifth annual "Best Hotels of 2015" list.

  • The world's most Wi-Fi-connected airlines

    Airplane seats, airline, flight

    iStock / mikdam

    Remember the days when flying long distance meant at least nine guaranteed hours offline?

  • Blizzard costs fliers big bucks

    Blizzard fliers

    Andrew Burton/Getty Images

    Blizzards cost airlines a ton of money -- but they actually hit passengers harder.

  • Delta bans carry-on breast pump, apologizes

    Delta Airlines jet, airplane

    Eric Miller/Reuters

    Nursing mother Lauren Modeen has taken to Twitter to ask why Delta Air Lines forced her to check her breast pump.

  • TSA seizes record 2,212 firearms in 2014

    TSA confiscates guns


    When packing your carry-on luggage, don't forget to remove your gun.

  • Chicago/Atlanta airport rivalry heats up

    New ATL international terminal

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    Look out. The bragging war between two of the world's busiest airports just got more intense.

  • Southwest Airlines is saving billions on fuel

    Southwest Airlines new logo

    Southwest Airlines

    Think you're saving a lot on fuel? Southwest Airlines sure is.

    The airline said Thursday that it expects to save half a billion dollars in the first quarter alone, thanks to plunging energy prices. During a conference call later, the company's CFO, T...

  • London is the fastest growing western city

    London, Parliament, Westminster

    Wes Little/CNN

    Rain, rain, go away: London is having a sunny moment.

    It's the fastest growing western city and one of the top in the world, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution.

    London placed No. 26 for economic performance out of the world's 30...

  • Why airfares are sky-high when jet fuel is dirt cheap

    Airport, delayed flight, travel, jet


    Airlines are saving big on jet fuel thanks to the plunge in the price of oil -- but those savings aren't getting passed onto customers.

    If you're wondering why, just take a look at the passengers wedged into the seats next to you. U.S. airlines saw a ...

  • British Airways first class called 'filthy'

    British Airways

    Gregg Canes/CNN

    Is there no longer any refuge from the humiliations of economy class?

    That seems to be the underlying message of a 29-second video posted online this week by British journalist Owen Thomas lambasting the condition of the first-class cabin on a British...

  • Official: AirAsia plane climbed fast, stalled

    AirAsia no terrorism

    Paul Spijkers

    AirAsia Flight QZ8501 climbed rapidly, and then stalled, shortly before it crashed, a top Indonesian official said Tuesday.

    "The plane ascended suddenly, with a speed that was above the normal speed limit, and then it went up," Transportation Minister...

  • Is now the time to visit Russia?

    Moscow Red Square generic

    Denis Sinyakov / Reuters

    Russia is rarely out of the headlines these days -- often for controversial reasons -- but does that mean it should be avoided by tourists?

  • Delta Air Lines is saving $2 billion on fuel

    Delta Airlines jet, airplane

    Eric Miller/Reuters

    If there was any doubt that lower oil prices were a gift to the nation's big airlines, just check out the latest results and outlook from Delta.

    Delta CEO Richard Anderson said in a statement that lower fuel prices should save the company more than $2...

  • How much it costs to buy a visa



    The world is a decidedly unstable place these days. And rich people are rushing to buy passports in search of safe places to shelter their families and their money.

  • Single bomb threat affects two Delta flights

    Delta plane

    Michael Calloway/CNN

    A Delta flight that landed in New York Monday night was searched after a bomb threat was made.

    An unidentified person called in a threat to Delta Air Lines Flight 468 while it was en route from San Francisco to New York, said Joe Pentangelo, a spokesm...


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