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Crying dog

Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center

Thousands clamoring to comfort crying Maryland pup

If you've ever hidden from those devastating Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercials, you may not be emotionally prepared for Juice, a depressed pup in Derwood, Maryland, whose online whimpering is landing him tons of admirers.



Pet alligator seized from NY back yard

Authorities have taken a 6-foot alligator into custody that was someone's pet in a Long Island, New York, backyard.

Horse-riding farm gives special needs kids a leg up

Marissa Calhoun/CNN

Horse farm gives special needs kids a leg up

An encounter in Harry Swimmer's local grocery store parking lot changed his life more than 20 years ago.

He met a girl in a wheelchair named Stacy. She was deaf and nonverbal. Swimmer learned she had cerebral palsy.


Elly Kellner/

World's oldest dog dies at age 30

Maggie the Kelpie died in her bed at the age of 30 Sunday.

San Ysidro International Border Crossing


23 dogs seized at US border

A man was arrested in California carrying 23 dogs -- 20 of them puppies -- in a nearly airless crate in an SUV, officials say.

Horsey McHorseFace

Courtesy Bjorn Baker Racing

Racehorse named Horsey McHorseFace

Hoof Hearted, Shakalakaboomboom and Whykickamoocow are just three of the dozens of ridiculous racehorse names that have tickled punters and twisted the tongues of long-suffering race track commentators.

Great Dane

Wikimedia Commons/Land Brandenburg

Fire crew rescues 120-pound dog from tree

Kora the Great Dane was rescued from a tree by the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department in Nebraska Saturday night.

pet food bowls, dishes, pets

Simmremmai/Wikimedia Commons

It's National Pet Day

April 11 is National Pet Day. How are you going to celebrate?

Dog found with mouth taped

News 12 Long Island

Dog found by highway with muzzle taped shut

A German shepherd with his muzzle taped shut was spotted Saturday near a highway in Long Island, New York, according to Suffolk County SPCA.


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