• #TheDress goes viral: Sales soar 347%



    A social media frenzy about the color of a dress is bringing fame and fortune for one small British fashion company.

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    By Alanna Petroff
  • Officer says he was poisoned at McDonald's


    An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer was taken to the hospital after reportedly drinking cleaning solution from a drink he ordered at McDonald's.

  • 'The Dress' becomes huge BuzzFeed traffic driver

    The dress

    Twitter, CNN

    There are debates on the Internet... and then there was "The Dress."

    If you were online on Thursday night, you know what happened: social media services were overrun with comments about the colors of a woman's dress. Some people saw black and blue; ot...

  • 1,000-year-old mummified monk found in statue

    Monk statue

    CNN/Drents Museum in the Netherlands

    A golden statue of a sitting Buddha, smuggled from a temple in China to a market in the Netherlands, revealed an extraordinary secret -- a 1,000-year-old mummified monk.

    Researchers discovered the mummy, encased in a cavity in the statue when a privat...

  • Basketball teams banned for throwing game

    closeup of basketball seams, ball

    Jason Antony/SXC

    Two major high school girls basketball teams have been banned from postseason play after allegedly throwing a game.

  • NYPD using Patrick Swayze movie for training

    Patrick Swazye

    United Artists

    The New York City Police Department has apparently turned to a Patrick Swayze cult classic to help teach its officers how to treat civilians.

  • Giant catfish caught in Italian river

    Giant catfish Italy

    Sportex Italia/Majora

    Catfish come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, some big and some small.

  • Pope Francis irks Mexico

    Pope Francis in Bethlehem

    Rami Dagga/CNN

    The choice of a word by Pope Francis has drawn ire from Mexico's government. And on Wednesday, the Vatican told Mexico that the Pontiff meant no offense.

    In a private email to a friend, Francis had lamented increased drug trafficking in his native Arg...

  • Hibernating pet tarantulas stolen from crawlspace

    Mexican Red-Legged tarantula

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    A Georgia man says somebody got into a crawlspace under his house and spider-napped some pet tarantulas.

  • Drones hover over Paris landmarks

    Eiffel Tower


    Five drones were reportedly seen flying over sensitive and well-known areas of Paris overnight -- sightings that authorities are investigating, the city prosecutor's office said Tuesday.

    The unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted over the Eiffel Tower,...

  • This man spent $300,000 on one dinner

    Shane Smith Vice Media

    David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

    It may be hard to believe that a dinner bill could reach $300,000, even at a particularly pricey restaurant. But it's actually not hard to do with a party of 30 people ordering bottles of wine with five-figure price tags.

    Vice Media Inc. CEO Shane Sm...

  • Cops arrest man upset with $50 haircut

    Scissors, comb, haircut


    Score another one for the do-it-yourself hair trimmers.

  • Rami, pit bull- dachsund mix, is now top dog

    Georgia dog with unusual genes is a social media hit


    For Rami the dog, the story begins in south Georgia, where he's found wandering in a backyard.

    He's the offspring of the most unlikely of canine partners -- the short legged, long bodied dachshund and the larger, stronger pit bull.

    The pit bull- dachs...

  • Wedding invite to parents: Don't come

    wedding invite


    It looked like any ornate wedding invite, but it's what it said that has people buzzing.

  • Man plows snow while on toilet

    Toilet blurb


    It's an odd combination of activities, but a Maryland man jokes that it's still a useful form of multi-tasking.

  • Man eats Benihana 579 times in a year

    Fork with noodles


    A Salt Lake City man ate at restaurant chain Benihana 579 times in 2014, almost twice as much as any other person in the United States.

  • Woman catches 46 wedding bouquets



    Folklore states that a woman who catches a bouquet at a wedding will be the next to get married, but one Utah woman is attempting to turn that myth into a world record.

  • Anti-Paparazzi clothing makes you invisible

    celebrity on red carpet with paparazzi

    iStock / Choreograph

    "Hey Liz, do you have an iPhone? Turn on the flash, and take a picture."

  • Police: Meth found in truckload of broccoli



    The Arizona Department of Public Safety seized a large amount of methamphetamine that was found hidden in a load of broccoli early Saturday morning.

  • Pope Francis has arrived ... as a 'plush doll'

    Pope plush

    Bleacher Creatures

    Talk about seizing a "holy" opportunity.

    Seven months before Pope Francis' first papal visit to the United States, one small business is ready to cash in on the historic event.

    Toymaker Bleacher Creatures is best known for its 10-inch plush figures of ...

  • Men lay claim to world's oldest burger

    Eating, food, burger, hamburger, mouth

    Hungry? How does a bite out of the world's oldest burger sound?

  • Wienermobile crash snarls traffic

    Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

    They're iconic, lovable and help sell hot dogs, but how do they handle in the snow?

  • Think we're a love match? Spit into this tube!

    couple on a date in a park, dating


    Your soul mate may be just a spit cup away!

    Instant Chemistry is a new test that helps match singles, and assess couples' likelihood of staying together for the long haul, by analyzing the DNA from your saliva.

    Here's how it works for couples who want...

  • Korean Air executive jailed over 'nut rage'

    Heather Cho sentenced

    Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

    It started with a first-class aviation executive throwing a fit on a flight over her nuts.

    It ended Thursday with that former executive sentenced to jail for one year.

    Heather Cho was working for Korean Air on December 5 when, as a first-class passeng...

  • Montana lawmaker seeks to outlaw yoga pants


    If a Montana lawmaker seeking to expand the state's definition of indecent exposure had his way, yoga pants would be illegal.

  • Sleeping couple dumped into garbage truck

    Woman dumped into garbage truck

    Globe Fire Department via KPHO

    A Florida pair found themselves in a smelly situation after being emptied into a garbage truck.

  • China: Man pawns 283 pairs of Nike Jordans

    Air Jordans

    Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

    Faced with sky-high real estate prices in the Chinese capital, one Beijing man has sacrificed his shoe collection to get a foot on the property ladder.

    The man, identified only by an English name, Mick, pawned 283 pairs of limited edition Nike Air Jor...

  • 'Twin fetuses' found inside Hong Kong baby


    iStock Image

    A team of Hong Kong doctors has described an extremely rare medical occurrence -- what appeared to be a pair of fetuses inside the body of a newborn baby girl.

  • Water woes: Man takes a leak in SF reservoir

    Titanic of Golden Gate 5


    If you're going to work for the water department in San Francisco, you better learn how to hold it.

    That's what the city's water utility advises after a manager was caught relieving himself into a reservoir that supplies water to millions of people.


  • Women seduce guards in Brazilian jail break


    Call it a prison break that left little to the imagination.

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