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5 awful celebrity business ideas

Empty pockets

When it comes to some celebrities, everything they touch turns to gold. Others? Not so much. Consider these five celebs and their awful business ideas.

What a man's dog says about him

shirtless man with his dog

Leandro Cavinatto/SXC

Finding out whether or not you're compatible with a guy might just be as simple as looking at his dog.

That's illegal? 5 weirdest laws in America

law, justice, gavel, law books, courtroom

iStock / zimmytws

We've rounded up five of the strangest real laws you'll ever laugh at. Just don't ask the local authorities to arrest you for breaking them or you're likely to get an even bigger laugh.

5 ways losing your job can impact taxes

Upset worker

iStock / AtnoYdur

If you've lost your job in the past year, don't let unexpected taxes come tax time set back your financial situation even further.

Sweet! Favorite all-time Easter candy

Chocolate Easter egg candies, candy

Esther Groen/SXC

While that wily old Easter Bunny is preparing some sweet treats in his hideaway hutch, let's take a look at some of our favorite traditional Easter candy.


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