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Tips for boarding your pets

As families prepare to travel over the holidays, some furry friends might be left behind or boarded at a kennel. Get tips on how to prepare your pet to be boarded.

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De-flea your yard

Keep fleas away from your pets by keeping them out of your yard.

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Things around the house that can make your pet sick

Most responsible homeowners make an effort to keep harsh chemicals, rat poison and other dangerous substances away from pets. However, the same people may not realize how many other pet toxins lurk in the home.

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Exercises that are good for your dog, too

To keep your dog in good health it’s important that he or she get enough exercise.

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How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Just like humans, dogs need to have good dental hygiene to keep them in good overall health.

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How to properly clean a fish bowl

While fish can be low maintenance pets, you do need to regularly clean their bowl. Get tips on how to properly clean a fish bowl here.

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Bang! Boom! Keep pets safe during fireworks

They might be pretty, but fireworks can frighten your pets.

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Go green with your pets

Going green isn't just for humans. Get tips on how to make your pets greener.

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  • Car accessories to keep your dog safe


    While our furry friends love to join us for car rides, it’s important to make sure we are protecting them while they are in vehicles. These items can help keep your pet safe in the car.


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