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CV Water Counts Helps Coachella Valley Combat Drought

Conservation Web and Social Media Sites Bring Water-Saving Information to Locals

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Desert Water Agency discusses emergency drought measures...

The DWA Board of Directors met today to discuss how proposed regulations would be enforced if approved by the State Water Resources Control Board. 

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What you need to know about hybrid cars

Is a hybrid car right for you? Find out more about the fuel-efficient autos here.

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Adding fence can be low-maintenance, green project

Americans are spending more than $200 billion on home-improvement projects each year, and more than ever, people are going green with their remodeling projects.

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How you drive can make your car greener

Using less gas can save you money and help save the environment. And you don't need a new car to get better mileage.

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National Park Service

Going camping? Go green!

Whether on a multi-day hike or an outdoor overnight, there are lots of little ways you can make your adventure eco-friendly.

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Top 5 'green' cars for suburban commuters

These days there are a wide range of "green" vehicles for the Earth-conscious commuter to choose from, no matter what your commute looks like.

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7 ways to improve energy efficiency via lighting

To save energy, try using these lighting tips.

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