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Update: Power outage: IID asking customers to conserve

75% of power restored. IID still asking customers to use as little power as possible. 2200 customers in the Thermal area and 52 Ave to 65 Ave are affected.  Surge in power use in this area is causing power to go back out. 


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CV Water Counts Helps Coachella Valley Combat Drought

Conservation Web and Social Media Sites Bring Water-Saving Information to Locals

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Desert Water Agency discusses emergency drought measures...

The DWA Board of Directors met today to discuss how proposed regulations would be enforced if approved by the State Water Resources Control Board. 

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Go green with a kitchen remodel

If you’re going to invest the money in remodeling your kitchen, try to make green improvements to make your kitchen better for the long-term.

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Easy steps to start recycling

Use these tips to make recycling easier.

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Green grass lawn with blue sky

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Go eco-friendly with your lawn care

We take pride in having green and well-manicured lawns during the summer months. Get tips on how to be eco-friendly with your lawn care.

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Go green with your home remodel

Are you remodeling your home? Keep the environment in mind as you plan the construction project.

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Sharing cars can save money, earth

If you don't drive often, the expense of owning a car seems silly. In some cities, you can borrow a vehicle for just a few hours and a few dollars.

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5 simple ways to cut your energy bills

There are some really, really easy things you can do today to trim that electric and/or gas bill that haunts your mailbox month in, month out.

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