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Desert Water Agency discusses emergency drought measures...

The DWA Board of Directors met today to discuss how proposed regulations would be enforced if approved by the State Water Resources Control Board. 

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How green are these alternatives to electric light?

If you're looking to go green and want to cut back on electricity, find out how some alternatives stack up.

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Water faucet

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Water-saving tips for drought times

Use these tips to conserve water during a drought.

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Cellphone or mobile phone pile


Green ways to get rid of cell phones, chargers

Instead of throwing away old phones, take a look at greener alternatives.

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Washing hands with soap, water

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How much water do you use?

How much water do you use each day? Get tips on how to conserve more water at home.

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Electric bill, utility, energy

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Home energy audit: DIY and save money

Get tips on where you can save on energy around your home.

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Central air conditioner

Use a circulation fan to save energy

The circulation fan in an air conditioner can be a valuable energy saver in certain climates at certain times of day.

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Dads Worth - Laundry


Your checklist for an eco-friendly laundry room

Find out how to save energy and water while doing your laundry by following these tips.

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