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Signs you should have your brakes checked

While there are obvious signs – such as the brake light appearing on the dashboard – that your brakes should be serviced, there are also more subtle signs you should have your brakes looked at.

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Basic car maintenance tips for teens

As teens prepare to head back to school, take a look at some basic car maintenance tips they should know in case they run into trouble while driving.

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Take care of tires in summer heat

Before you head out on the road, make sure your car’s tires are in good shape and that they can withstand the heat.

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Questions to ask when buying a new car

When buying a new car there are certain questions you should ask the dealer before finalizing your purchase. Take a look at some must-ask questions here.

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Which is more fuel-efficient: AC or windows down?

When the weather outside is toasty hot we need to find a way to cool down while driving in our cars.

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Keep your parked car cool in summer heat

As the temperatures soar, it can be even hotter in your parked car. Take a look at these tips to help keep your car cool this summer.

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Summer car-care maintenance tips

As the weather heats up make sure your car is prepared to handle the summer temperatures.

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What should you ask during an oil change?

When taking your vehicle in for an oil change it’s important to make sure you are asking the right questions to get the most out of your service. Take a look at some questions you should ask.

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