Heat Advisory in effect for Banning Pass and Inland Empire through Tuesday

A large ridge of high pressure will bring weak offshore winds and warm temperatures to areas west of the mountains though Tuesday. Highs could reach 10-15 degrees above average.


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car repair man working under the hood


Get your car ready for fall

As fall approaches make sure your vehicle is ready to make the transition from summer to autumn.

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auto mechanic using laptop in front of car repair

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Maintenance needed? Listen to your car

Trying to determine if and when your car needs maintenance can be tricky for a lot of home owners. One way to know is by listening to your car.

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Mom and son in car

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Tips for buying a safe, family-friendly vehicle

When buying a car to transport your family, safety should be at the top of your list of requirements.

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car repair brake job mechanic

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Signs you should have your brakes checked

While there are obvious signs – such as the brake light appearing on the dashboard – that your brakes should be serviced, there are also more subtle signs you should have your brakes looked at.

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teen driving car

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Basic car maintenance tips for teens

As teens prepare to head back to school, take a look at some basic car maintenance tips they should know in case they run into trouble while driving.

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car tires in auto showroom


Take care of tires in summer heat

Before you head out on the road, make sure your car’s tires are in good shape and that they can withstand the heat.

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car salesman handing woman key to new car


Questions to ask when buying a new car

When buying a new car there are certain questions you should ask the dealer before finalizing your purchase. Take a look at some must-ask questions here.

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Dog in car with sunglasses


Which is more fuel-efficient: AC or windows down?

When the weather outside is toasty hot we need to find a way to cool down while driving in our cars.

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