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5 Gas Saving Tips

You don't have to be a serious gearhead to ease your pain at the gas pump. We've collected five easy fill-up tips that don't require you to know your timing belt from a distributor cap.

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Keeping that old car? Avoid costly repairs

If you're keeping your car a little longer to save money, making regular repairs can save you a big bill at the garage down the road.

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How you drive can make your car greener

Using less gas can save you money and help save the environment. And you don't need a new car to get better mileage.

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5 tips for surviving family road trip

5 tips for surviving family road trips

The whole point of a road trip is to have fun getting to where you're going. But when kids are involved, it takes a little planning and some sanity-saving gadgets.

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When is it time for a new car battery?

No one wants to get stranded with a dead battery. So what signs can help you determine if your battery is about to die?

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How to protect your car from summer heat

The hot summer temperatures can be hard on your vehicle. Get tips on how to keep your car running in the summer heat.

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What is the most popular car color?

Find out what car colors are the most popular here.

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Summer car-care maintenance tips

As the weather heats up make sure your car is prepared to handle the summer temperatures.

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