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Which dashboard warning lights require immediate attention?

From time to time we’ve all had a light unexpectedly show up on our vehicle’s dashboard. But how do we know when we can postpone maintenance on the issue and when we need to seek immediate attention? Find out here!

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Keeping that old car? Avoid costly repairs

If you're keeping your car a little longer to save money, making regular repairs can save you a big bill at the garage down the road.

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Take action before you hit the road

Driving experts say that what you do before you turn on the ignition may mean the difference between life and death.

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man doing oil change on car


How often should you change your oil?

One of the keys to keeping your car in good condition is staying up-to-date on oil changes. But how often should you change the oil?

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Should you choose a high-mileage lease?

Is a high-mileage lease right for you? Find out here.

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Safety features your vehicle should have

Check out some safety features you should have in your vehicle to protect both the driver and passengers.

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Insiders' guide to top 5 car-buying terms

Wouldn't it be ideal to go to the car dealer and buy the perfect car at the best price possible? It is possible, but only if you know what you are doing.

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Signs you should have your brakes checked

While there are obvious signs – such as the brake light appearing on the dashboard – that your brakes should be serviced, there are also more subtle signs you should have your brakes looked at.

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