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What new, used cars are best for students?

Shopping for a car for your student? Kelley Blue Book lists some of its top cars for students. Check it out.

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Keeping that old car? Avoid costly repairs

If you're keeping your car a little longer to save money, making regular repairs can save you a big bill at the garage down the road.

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Should you let dealer or garage fix car

If you need your car fixed, it's tempting to go to the people who sold it to you. But is that really your best bet?

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5 signs your car is about to die

Is your car on its last leg, or does it just require some simple, inexpensive repairs?

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Some auto features go way of dinosaur

Do you remember bench seats, ashtrays and window cranks? If you don't, you won't find them in today's showrooms.

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Shopping around nets deals on car service

Keeping your car running right can save you money. And the right tricks can cut your maintenance costs.

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10 tips for first-time car buyers

If you're shopping for your first car, here are a few tips from Kelley Blue Book on what to buy, how to buy it and where to buy it.

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Smelly car? Do something about it

Whether you just want to freshen the scent in your car or need to eliminate a horrible odor, an expert says there are simple steps to take.

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