A film crew taping an episode of the Pursuit Channel's "Tails from the Outdoors," learned firsthand why fishermen never turn their backs to the ocean when a 40-pound barracuda leaped onto their boat.

Charter boat captain, Kevin Faver, of St. Augustine, said he was fishing with Bill Pollackov, the producer and videographer of the TV fishing series, when he got a bite on his line from a fish near the sea floor, The St. Augustine Record reported.

"I was bottom fishing so I had the drag locked down. It peeled off-line, went about 30 feet out and turned. I thought it was a kingfish or cobia," Faver told the newspaper. "What's weird is that the rod was still bent like he was running out, but I guess he had so much slack in the line from running back at us."

Favor said within an instant "there was 5 feet of flying teeth" heading directly toward his head.

"It just came from nowhere. I ducked. He came over the port side and into the starboard," he said.

The incident was caught on tape and posted to YouTube.

Favor said although the fish was feisty and seriously angry, he managed to hook it with a gaff as it flailed on deck, and throw it back into the ocean.

"The whole thing took maybe 20 seconds. It was so fast," Faver said. "In 28 years of charter fishing nothing like that's ever happened to me. And I never want it to happen again."

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