Charlie Sheen is at it again, this time flipping out on a security guard at the Staples Center during Wednesday night's Los Angeles Kings game.

The actor became upset when he was barred from re-entering the arena after stepping outside to smoke a cigarette, the Los Angeles Times reported.


Upon being denied re-entry, Sheen unleashed an expletive-laced rant that was caught on camera and repeatedly asked the woman "What does common sense dictate?"

Friends of the 46-year-old actor tried to restrain him, but he pulled away to explain himself to the surrounding paparazzi, according to The Huffington Post.

"It' common sense and common courtesy, they're, like, gone in society," Sheen told the cameraman. "That's what I was trying to impress upon (the security guard) ... Let a guy back in a door he just walked out of. ... It's about common sense, that's all."

Staples Center officials defended the security guard and said the smoking policy is designed for the safety of the fans, according to the LA Times.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star made headlines last year during a very public meltdown in which he compared himself to a warlock, boasted about the "goddesses" who lived with him and coined popular catchphrases like "winning."