colossal bee hive in England via CNN

10,000 stinging wasps make colossal nest in English country house

As many as 10,000 wasps have built a giant nest in the loft of a house in rural England.

Churchill birthplace turned into Nazi HQ

Blenheim Palace via CNN

Film turns Churchill's birthplace into Nazi HQ

They fought them on the beaches, the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets -- but World War II veterans did not expect to be fighting the Nazis in Winston Churchill's ancestral home.


Mark Walz/CNN

Amsterdam prostitutes learn to cook at chic restaurant

Each month, thousands of tourists come to De Wallen, Amsterdam's red light district. In between a network of narrow alleyways, interconnected bridges and canals they wander past the coffee shops and the infamous sex workers behind the windows.

Russia, Kazakhstan


Russians flock to polls...for World Cup mascot

With all the headlines surrounding the ongoing FIFA scandal, it's easy to forget that in less than two years Russia will play host to its first World Cup Finals.

great white shark tagging


Baby great white shark caught near Long Island

OCEARCH scientists had one goal this summer: to tag a baby great white shark off the coast of Long Island.