Too much food and drink isn't the only thing making people sick around the holidays.  A stomach bug is just one thing local doctors are talking about when looking at "What's Going Around" the area where you live.

  • A 24-hour intestinal bug that masquerades as food poisoning is going around Palm Springs.  Dr. Michael Jardula tells us this comes on quick and hits hard.  Be careful to stay hydrated.  This usually goes away on it's own.  But if it lasts for more than 48 hours see a doctor.
  • Children in Cathedral City are coming down with a three-day cold.  Fortunately Dr. Vivien Pacold says the runny, stuffy nose, and achiness lasts only 48 to 36 hours.
  • In the east valley, Dr. Randolph Gibbs tells us many of his patients are suffering from a new norovirus that's spreading from a local prison.  Symptoms are primarily gastrointestinal-- nausea and vomiting.  At the Mecca Clinic, people are coming in with the antibiotic-resistant shigella bacteria.  This infection is closely related to salmonella, and has surfaced in California in counties bordering Mexico.  It's mostly acquired while traveling abroad and eating raw fruit.  Finally, Gibbs reports he's noticed a significant increase in flu activity this week.  He reminds everyone it is not too late to get your flu shot.
  • A viral illness is turning into a bacterial infection in Palm Springs.  Patients are coming in to see Dr. Frank Arian with a productive cough, congestion, and runny nose, that seems to be turning into sinusitis, ear infections, and tonsillitis.  Most of these cases cleared up on their own without antibiotics.  Diarrhea and urinary tract infections are also common complaints this week.
  • Viral gastroenteritis is going around among Dr. Arturo Quintanilla's little patients in Rancho Mirage.  This stomach bug is mostly vomiting and diarrhea, followed by upper respiratory symptoms.  Sometimes this comes with a fever.  Patients need proper hydration with Pedialyte or Enfalyte, along with evaluation by their pediatrician.
  • Sore throats and respiratory infections are on the rise in Coachella.  Dr. Frank Curry tells us he's also seen several babies less than two years old with a respiratory virus that causes some wheezing and trouble breathing.  Adults are coming in with a sore throat, sinus pain and some coughing.
  • Finally Dr. Tate de Leon also says urinary tract infections are really an issue in Rancho Mirage right now.  He says this can be prevented by drinking plenty of water, not holding it when you need to use the restroom, taking showers instead of baths, and drinking lots of cranberry juice.

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