PALM DESERT, Calif - -

As the temperatures get hotter, many are looking for some fun in, and relief from, the sun. Here in the valley, that means more kids are spending time in the pool.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging parents to take precautions when using portable pools, ranging from blow-up kiddie pools to larger models. They may be cheaper and require less maintenance, but they can pose safety risks, too.

CPSC advises owners to:

  1. Empty small kiddie pools after every use, and have a place to store them.
  2. Larger portable pools should have a cover, and the ladder should be stowed when not in use.
  3. Learn CPR and other life-saving skills in case of an emergency.

CPSP also advises warning neighbors about a temporary pool in the yard this summer. More eyes on your kids, the better. It only takes 30 seconds for a child to lose consciousness.

Here in Riverside County, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in kids ages one to four. 86 percent of those drownings happen in backyard pools.

Riverside County has a pretty useful way to remember pool safety.

  • A = Adult Supervision  Assign an adult "Water Watcher" to keep their eyes on kids in the water at ALL times.
  • B = Barriers Such as fences, self-closing and self-latching gates, pool motion sensors, window and door alarms.
  • C = Classes Parents and caregivers should take a CPR and First Aid class and swimming courses that are available for both children and adults.  

For more on pool safety, click here for Riverside County Injury Prevention Services.