Palm Springs, Cali. -

 The Ravens and 49ers kick off in the super bowl this Sunday on
CBS Local 2 but, the teams aren't the only ones getting ready for the big game. Local businesses are gearing up for a big boost in sales.
     Billy Mieldazis is the Co-owner of Stadium House in Rancho Mirage. "This is a great weekend," Billy told us. "This is like Christmas, 4th of July, News Year's Eve all rolled into one."
     Decorations are already going up at Stadium House for the jam packed sports weekend. Just remember to show up early if you want to guarantee a seat, many venues fill up hours before kickoff. "We start off on Saturday night with the UCF fight championship, and we're going to be super crowded for that," Billy explains. "Then we expect a lot of those people to come back just about twelve hours later to start getting their seats for the Super Bowl party. So for us, this is a major major weekend."
    Bars and restaurants won't be the only businesses benefiting from Super Bowl fever. Party supply stores like Partylab in Palm Springs already feel the heat.
    Steve Lippman co-owns Partylab with his wife. He tells us, "The Super Bowl is, after New Year's Eve, the next largest party day of the year so it's a big one. It's not as complete as new year's eve is but lots of decorations, plates, napkins, that sort of thing. It's a big weekend for us."
     The store already sold out of team logo balloons but, don't worry, a new shipment is on the way. With all the story lines surrounding this years game, it seems there's a bit more hype than normal. So, if you need to pick up any party supplies, you might want to do it a little bit earlier this year.
     Steve says the 49ers hold the advantage so far for merchandise sold. As for predicting the winner, he says, "I'm a long time 49ers fan, so I'm going with the 49ers. I think it's going to be a very close game, maybe a field goal difference.
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     We'll bring you the results of the poll later this week.